Frists and cankles

Weird conversations happen in my apartment.  I don’t know how or why but Rachel and I end up some of the most bizarre topics. Example? Monday night we started discussing what we’ve named “frists.”  You know, when the forearm is so fat it blends in with the wrist?  The cankle of the arm, if you… Continue reading Frists and cankles

Some brief thoughts…

Not quite short enough for Twitter, not quite long enough to deserve a post of their own. Brief thoughts on the Duggar’s: I realize I’m the last person to talk about the infamous 17 kids and counting, wait, baby makes 18, family but I don’t care.  Roomie and I watched the show last night and… Continue reading Some brief thoughts…

The day after effect

Getting back to real life the day after a sick day, or a vacation day, or even a snow day, is the worst. That day off is never enough. Think back to elementary school sick days (in fact Lauren just talked about this yesterday)–you spent the whole day camped out on the couch, watching cartoons,… Continue reading The day after effect

I got stunk up

This morning, as Rachel and I were walking to the train, we heard the AMNY lady shouting about the day’s headlines: AM! AM! READ ABOUT THE HOMELESS! Not exactly the best way to sell a paper (yes I know it’s free, but that’s an expression so back off!). I said as much to Rachel and… Continue reading I got stunk up