Well geeze, this is embarrassing

I have nothing to write about today. Well, that’s not entirely true.  There are additional parking lot shenanigans that I could write about.  There is also the fact that it is raining and that it is going to snow again and that I will LOSE MY MIND if it snows because Boo and I are… Continue reading Well geeze, this is embarrassing

A question for you, my loyal readers

So I don’t actually have a post for you today.  Instead, I have a question. What are your thoughts on the whole comment/comment response thing?  Generally I respond to your comments on the post itself but I realized something today and that is that no one ever goes back to the post after they comment.… Continue reading A question for you, my loyal readers

A post about boobs

Oh man, I tricked you guys AGAIN didn’t I? Listen, no hard feelings, but I’ve been battling a cold/stomach bug combo for the past few days and so you only get one post per blogs. But, if you want to read about boobs (and you aren’t a male who is related to me) then you… Continue reading A post about boobs