False fire alarm da–wait a minute

I’m experiencing a serious rush of deja vu.  Just last summer I wrote about how the fire alarm in our building was going off incessantly. Incessantly. Ha. I only thought last summer’s whoop whoops were incessant.  Enter this summer.  We bought another floor of our building and are in the process of renovating it to… Continue reading False fire alarm da–wait a minute

PC load letter is just a cruel joke

This season, The Office aired an episode called “Surplus.”  The surplus would allow Michael’s team to get new chairs or a new copier.  Throughout the course of the episode, various employees were seen using, or attempting to use, the copier. I was on Team Copier. At every office I have ever worked in, there have… Continue reading PC load letter is just a cruel joke

The bagel pouch

When I was a junior in high school I got my first real job.  Well, “real” according to The Man…don’t try and tell me that babysitting 3 boys (all under 6) and a dog isn’t real work. I worked at Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery and it was the best.  Yes, the hours sometimes sucked (6am Saturday… Continue reading The bagel pouch

I feel like the next step is orthopedic shoes

Today, while I was sitting at my desk, this arrived for me. That’s right.  I made them order me a footrest.  (If you’ll recall, I had some issues with my desk.  The whole rearrangment issues were a result of my having to have the desk w/the bar as my main desk so I could have… Continue reading I feel like the next step is orthopedic shoes

The new job: my week in review

Monday I started my new position.  I was a little freaked out b/c I knew that my workload would basically double and I haven’t been in this field that long.  But after going over the basics of what I would be responsible for I realized that I’m not super out of my leauge–just working with… Continue reading The new job: my week in review

And now for a bit of business…

Okay.  So I abandoned you.  It was unintentional, I promise.  But you have to understand.  My computer is in the basement.  It’s cold down there.  The food and the warm comfy chairs are upstairs.  It’s understandable that I didn’t make down much to– No, no, you’re right.  No excuses.  I shouldn’t have left you like… Continue reading And now for a bit of business…

Big City Kids

Happy Halloween everyone! This is one of my favorite days of the year.  You all know I’ll do anything to dress up.  And candy?  Hello, what’s not to like?! But my favorite thing about Halloween is seeing what everyone else came up with.  In this city that takes itself WAY too seriously ALL the time,… Continue reading Big City Kids