A1 Jump

It’s been 3 years since I wrote this page and even though a LOT has changed since then, I can’t bring myself to delete this first introduction to my readers.  So I decided to update this “about me” type page and leave the old “about” down below.

January 2010: Hey, I’m still Lauren but now my last name is different.  I married my best friend (you know him as Boo) in October 2009.  I moved out of NYC nearly 2 years to the day from when I moved in (I was short by only a few days!) and am now set up in the Philly suburbs.  While in NYC, I interned at Elle magazine in the fashion department and I worked for a year and a half in the production department for a clothing company.  Now I’m hoping to get back to my writing/editing roots.

I took a 5 month or so blogging hiatus this summer/fall.  I was having blogger’s block/burnout but knew that the second I announced that I was taking a break, I’d be back with 15 thousand things to say.  So instead I said nothing and just disappeared for a few months but now I’m back.  In December 2009 I started up a style blog, streetcake.wordpress.com.  It’s just get getting started, so come and check it out.

I hope you enjoy both of the blogs.  And definitely leave a comment or two (I’m talking to you, lurkers!)


Hey, I’m Lauren, and after spending the last 4 years of my life in Happy Valley, I’m venturing out into the real world. Scared? No? Really? Damn, you’re handling this better than I am.

Point is, I spent 4 years studying journalism and English and I just finished a summer working as a copy editor for my hometown paper. (So, yes, I DO know that “4” should be spelled out, but I’m not using AP style here…I’m using LB style. Don’t think that will stop me from criticizing other people’s poor grammar usage on all occasions though).

Now, editing was a hoot, don’t get me wrong. How could I not love 8-hour shifts that include editing and writing headlines for an average of 10 stories (plus or minus some briefs). Sounds like I had downtime? Yeah, yeah I really did. Enter the shenaniganist.

I had a weekly rant column during my senior year and I missed being able to write whatever I wanted (hence why I am not a reporter), so I thought long and hard and came up with the perfect solution. And tada! a blog was born.

After spending the summer living at home (don’t pity me, the rent was non-existent) and working 5 nights a week I packed up and moved to the big city.  I’m spending my days at work and my nights wishing there was such a thing as comfortable dress shoes/writing something for you fine folks to enjoy at the office.  So, enjoy. I hope the shenaniganist can help you through your work day too.


4 thoughts on “A1 Jump

  1. Hey Lauren ~
    This your old “Cat of the Day” friend the Trib! Jenny was in today for a friendly visit, and directed me to your blog. I love it! I hear you’re in NYC, livin it up in Manhattan. So jealous!! I hope you’re enjoying yourself and all is well. Keep in touch!

  2. Great to hear from you! Yes, NYC is lovely and if I’m ever back in the ‘Burgh, I’ll have to stop by too :) Also, hear there’s a new COTD calendar…if I stop by, we’ll have to do the song! Embracing my true nerdiness, this year we’re starting a Word of the Day tradition too!!

  3. Lauren! I tried finding your email, but this will work, too. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the bloggy Valentine package! I love the journal, chocolate, cat card, pink nail polish and lip gloss, and especially the recipe book (although it made me feel guilty for eating chick fil a today — gah!). You rock, and I’m excited to start reading your blogs.

    Congratulations on your wedding, too! xoxo.

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