I would really love it if…

Saturday night Boo and I watched Disney’s Enchanted.  I really like that movie.  For one thing, it has Patrick Dempsy and you can’t go wrong with McDreamy.  For another thing, it’s actually a kind of cool concept: animated heroine gets banished to live-action world where she holds out hope of her animated Prince Charming (not his actual name) rescuing her, meanwhile falling in love with the live-action hero who actually does rescue her even though he doesn’t initially want or mean to.  Also, Amy Adams gets to see what she would look like if she were a Disney Princess and that’s pretty much every little girl’s dream.

(image via here.)

Which brings me to my point.  I would totally love it if someone would draw me as a Disney Princess.  I mean, I’d kind of like to know what I would look like.  Would I look like Belle?  She and I are pretty similar after all.  French (or at least partly French) girls with wavy brown hair who like to read.  But I don’t look good in yellow–trust me.  Would I have the quintessential Disney pointy nose?  Because I don’t really have a pointy nose.  In fact, as Boo pointed out (no pun intended) my nose is actually kind of bulbous (yes, that IS the word he used but he meant it in a totally loving way, swearsies) from the front.  What would my Disney outfit be?  My M.O. is jeans and Chucks so would I still get the fancy ball gown?  Or, would they shake it up and give me a fancy ball gown with Chucks (you know, like the way I dressed for my wedding).  Could I get a non-wussy-hued purple for my outfit since Disney like their princesses to be color-coordinated?  And what about my snappy sidekick?  Because everyone knows that no Princess is complete without a snappy sidekick.

So…if there is anyone out there who happens to be a kick-ass Disney animator with some time on their hands, I would really love it if I could see what I’d look like as a Disney Princess.

Also, I think it would be a great idea to create a Disney Princess simulator.  You type in your features (eye and hair color), hobbies, favorite color, special skills (i.e. the ability to talk to animals) and then a program poofs you out an image of you as a Disney Princess.  Kind of like this superhero factory.  Someone should probably get on that and then credit me with the idea.  Because I’m totally copyrighting that idea so if you create it and DON’T credit me, I’ll open up a can of whoop ass (does anyone still threaten to do that anymore?).


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