May 19

I thought that today I’d take a little trip back in time to the May 19th’s of years past.

May 19, 2006.  4 years ago: My first date with Boo.  He drove 40 minutes back to school just to take me out to dinner and a movie.  For the record, we went to Olive Garden (I had the mushroom ravioli) and then we saw Mission Impossible 3.  We didn’t get together though until the following February.

(our first picture ever, just a few weeks before our first date!)

May 19, 2007.  3 years ago: Senior week, a week to be remembered.  If only I could.  (Just kidding Mom and Dad, I totally remember stuff that happened during senior week.  Promise.  Mostly.)

Back door bar tour with my lovely neighbor Jenna and her bf at the time, Drew.

May 19, 2008. 2 years ago: I was a working girl, just getting accustomed to my new job in NYC.  And I wrote this post about my bird troubles.

May 19, 2009.  1 year ago: The Today Show baby!  One year ago today I was the “big bust” model in a segment about dressing your body type.  Here’s the recap.

(image is a still from the video clip listed in the recap)

May 19, 2010. Today: A new baby niece was born today!!  Boo’s step-sister gave birth to her 3rd child today!  Welcome to the world baby girl!  You picked a good day to be born (if you ask me!).  Congrats to mama and daddy!


6 thoughts on “May 19

  1. Lauren: Thanks on both counts!

    Jen: I know, it’s nice! It’s a fun reason to celebrate too!

    MinD: Uh, no, no, I totally remember. Totally…yup.

    Paula: Yeah, it is kind of weird–it’s such a big day!

    Heather: I agree :)

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