A thought on Iron Man 2 (and don’t worry, it totally won’t spoil anything)

Okay, so this weekend Boo’s brother and fiancee came down to visit and we went to see Iron Man 2.  Personally, I liked the movie.  I always like a movie where stuff blows up so there was that.  Robert Downey Jr. was kind of hilarious.  ScarJo was surprisingly adept at kicking butt while maintain perfectly coiffed curls.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that, overall, I enjoyed it.

And then I saw this:

Iron Man 2 Hammer

image via here.

Do you all notice how orange his palms are?  Apparently Justin Hammer has more than just Iron Man to worry about as it seems he had a run-in with a bad bottle of tanning lotion.  But that is the type of thing that someone is supposed to catch!  Someone on set is supposed to have that job.  The person whose sole responsibility it is to make sure that the actors are wearing the same jewelry from day to day of filming and to make sure that the makeup team extended the gash on the arm all the way to the wrist if that was how long the gash was in the previous scenes, etc.  It should be that same person’s job to make sure that the actors don’t look like Jersey Shore extras.  It’s only in this scene that his hands are that color.  I don’t know if his orange palms have some significance to the plot or not but my goodness–I could barely concentrate on what he was saying during this scene.  All I could think about was the fact that someone should have scrubbed that man down before they filmed that scene because his palms are glaringly orange!

So, in summary, go see Iron Man 2.  It was a really good movie.  And when you see Hammer sit down at that table, just avert your eyes to avoid the orange.


10 thoughts on “A thought on Iron Man 2 (and don’t worry, it totally won’t spoil anything)

  1. I still haven’t saw the first one! I do LOVE RDJ though. Yum.

    As for the orange . . . well, he’d fit in well with a lot of girls in Glasgow, who sport that colour all over their bodies. I think they think it passes for a natural tan. It certainly does not.

  2. hopefully it has to do with deleted scenes
    there is so much that ends up on the cutting room floor that sometimes leaves big holes in the story… maybe they cut the scene where he had to hurry up and get a tan on in less than 3 days so he hit up the drugstore… plausible?

  3. Remember the Bond villain Goldfinger? Maybe this guy is his fruity counterpart.

    Actually, I saw the movie yesterday and completely missed the orange hand thing — maybe because I was preoccupied trying to figure out why the actor appeared to be channeling Dana Carvey circa the first Bush Administration. Kept waiting for him to tell Mickey Rourke his army of Iron Man-destroying droids wouldn’t be prudent.

  4. I LOVED Iron Man. There was something so seedy and dirty about RDJ in it but man he is undeniably sexy in that movie. I cannot wait to go see this Saturday.

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU.. I saw the movie last night and I could not stop staring at his hands either! I wanna know why/how they let that slip by.

  6. I noticed the orange hands but I actually thought it was purposely done. I thought since Hammer’s character was Stark’s competitor he wanted to one up Stark’s fabulous tan…but since he’s a bumbling fool (as noted throughout the movie) botching the tan job was just one in a series of f-ups. Just my theory.

  7. I think it was intentional, because later on in the flick, you see him rub his hand across the back of his neck then quickly glance at his withdrawing palm. I think they did it to show how vain Justin Hammer is.

    By the way, awesome flick. Just got back from seeing it tonight.

  8. I haven’t seen it yet but I plan to because my RDJ addiction cannot be denied. But dude with the orange palms? You know why that happens, right? Oh, wait, that’s hairy palms. Never mind.

  9. Paula: Some girls in this area have the same problem with the orange. Let’s just leave it at: have you seen Jersey Shore?

    Jen: I’d like to think that too.

    Waldo: OMG that’s exactly who he reminded me of!!

    Jessica: Mmm…yeah, nothing wrong with a little RDJ ;)

    Chrissy: I’m just so glad I’m not the only person who was bothered by this haha!

    Heather: Hahaha yeah, he totally was a narcissistic noob–good call and great description!!

    Kitty Pham: That’s actually not a bad theory.

    JoJo: Oh I totally didn’t catch that–but the bad tan makes much more sense if you look at it like that!

    Dingo: Touche, touche. (Oh, and yes, I purposely planned the pun on touche).

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