Mrs. G’s Guacamole

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I thought today would be the day that I post my insanely easy and unbelievably delicious guacamole recipe.


Avocado (1 makes enough for me and Boo with a little extra, so keep that in mind when doubling, etc.)


Lime juice



Garlic powder


I meant what I said about this being easy.  It’s like embarrassingly simple but all of my friends and family asked for the recipe!  To start, scoop the avocado out of its shell and into a bowl.  Is it called a shell?  Skin?  Whatever, get the edible part out!  Scoop with a spoon but then mush it down with a fork.  Add a little salsa to the bowl.  The salsa is there to add a little liquid which helps smooth out the guacamole but it also adds a little flavor and crunch, so anything from mild to spicy, chunky or not will work.  It’s all about what you like.  After you mix the salsa and avocado together add a few squirts of lime juice plus salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste.

That’s it!

See, embarrassingly easy, right?  But it looks really impressive and is just as yummy as the stuff restaurants are charging you $11 a bowl to order!


6 thoughts on “Mrs. G’s Guacamole

  1. Heather: I totally agree. I only discovered them in college and when I did, it was shocking I could have gone so long without them!

    Jessica: Who doesn’t love a good guac?! It’s so yummy!

    Ken: It’s me! It’s me! I’m Mrs. G!

  2. We change up our guac every time we make it, and next time, we are making THIS. It looks SO good, and I have never made it with salsa before!

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