And so it begins…

Wedding season is here my friends.

Thankfully, all of my work in that arena is done.  Well, almost done.  Because I just realized that I’ve been married for 6 months and have never actually given you guys a wedding recap.  A lot of you have seen the pictures on Facebook already but I’m still going to give you a bit of a recap over here.  And I’m going to start with my shower.

A sweet friend of mine from school is getting married in June.  When I found out she was engaged, my first thought was “YAY!” followed quickly by “She can’t be getting married! She’s just a baby!”  Of course, she’s actually 22, so not a baby at all!  I’m so excited for her to get married b/c she is in the same position that Boo and I were in, long distance for the whole relationship, and I am so excited for her to actually be with her guy all the time!  It’s absolutely the best feeling, that countdown to the wedding, when you realize that all of the traveling back and forth just to spend 2 days with each other is finally over.

The invitation to her shower went out last week.  Her mom is throwing the shower for her and has decided it should be a “silly/embarrassing gifts” type of shower.  So on the same fancy paper as the invitation is the following information:



Bra size

Panty size

T-shirt size

Now, if I were her, my mother would have been dead meat.  Because honestly?  What bride wants her weight broadcast to all of her friends?  Or her bra size announced to all of her mother’s friends.  I understand the logic behind this, of course, but a subtle “if you need sizes, feel free to contact me” type of message at the bottom of the invitation would have been a little less…intrusive.  But of course I still think it’s a bit awkward to combine the showers.  I mean, had I gotten lingerie from my mother’s friends I probably would have died.  Literally.

For my own wedding, my mother’s good friend had a shower for me.  She hosted and my mother’s friends (all of whom I’ve met, which is not the case in this upcoming shower.  That could make the “embarrassing” gifts even more awkward!) were in attendance.  This was the shower where I got the grown up gifts, a coffee maker, a cake plate, an amazing cupcake gift set.

My second shower was just for me and my bridesmaids (and an added bonus of my future SIL for dinner!).  We started the day with champagne (as a warm up) and then headed off to tea (with our own private room).  This was the shower that was all about the silly/embarrassing gifts.  I’m sure you know the type ;)

After tea we went to TJ Maxx/Home Goods (b/c what perfectly girly day doesn’t include shopping?!) and then we had a little more champagne and got ready for the bachelorette party portion of the day!  We went downtown and had dinner at Dolce (it was restaurant week, which made it even better!) and then went out in Manyunk.  It was such a blast–even though a lot of people kept congratulating me on my 21st birthday (despite my crown and sash CLEARLY reading “bachelorette”)!

Oh, and you’ll notice that my hands and neck are bright pink?  Apparently my beads bled a little bit!  (Hence why I am down to just one strand of beads in this pic!)  Brides: THIS is why you NEVER plan a bachelorette party immediately before the wedding.  I was a bit rosy for a few days afterward!


P.S. If you saw some old posts pop up in your readers, please ignore!  I was doing a little maintenance and some old posts seemed to repost!


3 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. oh man i would not want that info sent to all of my friends. i also wouldn’t want to mix those awkward gifts either. that sort of happened at my cousin’s shower last year and umm i was a bit embarrassed for her. i can only imagine what will happen with mine this year.

  2. yah, i don’t get it. i mean giving out sizes makes sense (though i’m not sure i’d want everyone at my shower knowing how vastly different my bra & undies sizes are) but the weight? what does that have to do with anything? were people giving her gifts that had weight restrictions?? not cool. not cool at all.

  3. katelin: Warn your bridesmaids now that you don’t want a shower like that! I just feel so bad for her because I’d be dying of embarrassment if I was sitting in a living room full of my mother’s friends and opened a box with some sexy little underthings! eek!

    NSJ: Yeah, the weight didn’t make any sense to me either. Even height makes sense, because while I would be swimming in a standard floor-length robe, she’s tall enough to handle one. But weight? Aw man, that just ain’t right!

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