Not their car (alternate title: another reason why I hate my neighbors)

The title of this post says it all, really.

This is not his car.

It is not his parents’ car, or his aunt’s car, or his grandfather’s car.

No one in his family owns this car.

Someone in our apartment complex does, and I’m thinking they wouldn’t be too happy if they had seen from their living room what I saw from mine.

And on a side note, he and his brothers have spent 4 hours a day for the past 2 weeks learning to rollerblade and they haven’t gotten any better.  I don’t recall rollerblading being all that difficult.

Oh, and before  you think I’m that creepy neighbor who takes photos of what goes on in the parking lot, let me remind you that my life is like Rear Window over here.  Natural sunlight = open blinds = full view of the misbehavior.  And it’s not just the rollerblading, they’re playing soccer now too.  Soccer in the parking lot, when we have a HUGE MASSIVE FIELD directly across the street.  So on Friday night when Boo asked them to not play so close to the cars, they moved 2 feet to their right.  Which wouldn’t help under good circumstances but helped even less because they suck.  How do I know they suck?  Because 20 minutes later that same stupid soccer ball went bouncing off of my car.

I WILL be wandering over to have a chat with their parents soon.  I hate being “that neighbor” but when I ask you not to play near my car and you bounce your soccer ball off of it…well, let’s just say I’ve seen the damage that a friendly game can do to a car.  (And yes, Mo, I’m looking at you.  Don’t think I’ve forgotten that you dented the roof of a car with a whiffle ball from 50+ yards away.)


10 thoughts on “Not their car (alternate title: another reason why I hate my neighbors)

  1. All I want to know is what is he wearing?! Next time you’re taking a pic of the weirdo neighbor kids who can’t figure out rollerblading get a close up of those pants.

  2. Meg: Haha I’ll work on it. At the risk of sounding like a creeper, I’m pretty sure they were flannel PJ pants. B/c you know, when I learn a new sport-like activity, I want to be able to crawl right into bed when I’m through.

    Paula: Oh it’s the worst! I guess that’s the trade for finally getting a normal roommate (the hubby is so great to live with!).

  3. Oh my gosh that’s so annoying! But he looks surprisingly sissy holding on to that car in those pants. I would definitely have a chat with them. Chances are they have no idea what he’s doing anyhow.

  4. this never goes away… stupid kids here ride their scooters up in our driveway squeezing in between our cars. we’ve already asked them nicely not to do it… next time i’m throwing astick in front of them and taking their scooter when they fly off it. their parents can come get it.
    oh yah, i have a new scratch on my car… conicidence, i think not.

    good luck with your little assholes.

  5. Jessica: Oh trust me, he is quite sissy in those pants. But he’s attempted to rollerblade in other attire as well and he’s equally sissy in those outfits too.

    NSJ: Okay, I can tell you right now that if little kids end up in our driveway of our future house, Boo will go out there and kill them. I’d like to pretend that I’m joking but I don’t think that I am.

    MinD: Oh I’ll be making that clear to them and their parents when I head over there. I know it’s a public parking lot and everything, but I can guarantee that we aren’t the only tenants who are pissed about soccer balls bouncing off of our cars.

  6. Oh man, I am SO glad that I slacked off at work this morning and read this post. I laughed so much! I love that the kid is fully decked out in protective gear.

  7. What’s wrong with kids today?! Parking lots are for sissies! In my day we played in the street. I’m talking CITY streets – not some pansy-ass cul-de-sac with speed bumps every 10 feet. You name it, we did it right there on the asphalt – stickball, roller hockey, platform diving. Sure, over time we switched to other sports, like wheelchair racing, crutch fencing and casket lifting, but we did those in the street, too, like the good Lord intended! Playgrounds? Feh!

  8. Nikki: Haha well I’m glad I was able to help you slack off ;)

    Waldo: Dude, I know! We always played in the street when I was growing up. Kids today are just soft!

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