What sucks about moving: Having to find a new EVERYTHING

When I left home for school I struggled with a few things…those things being a lack of hairdresser that I could trust with my curls, someone I could trust with eyebrows, and a seamstress I could trust with my clothes.  And let’s not forget about doctors…another hard thing to find!  Luckily I was only about 3 hours from home and was home every 6 weeks or so, so I was able to schedule haircuts and doctor’s appointments for when I was home.

I had the same problem when I moved to NYC.  There it was a bit harder to wait to schedule this stuff for trips back to the Wex so I was forced to find a hairdresser (and we all remember those attempts–some good and some bad!).  And I became obsessive about maintaining my brows (which was actually something a roommate complimented me on.  She came up to me while I was getting ready one day and was like “you know Booty, your eyebrows always look fantastic.”) so that when I had to go a long time between shapings, it didn’t matter; they were always maintained.

When we moved down to Philly I was able to find a doctor PDQ* thanks to a recommendation from a friend from home.  And I was able to find a hairdresser who I am a little bit (read: completely) obsessed with.  She is SO good.  She actually changed the way that I style my hair.

But now.  A seamstress.  Oh lordy.

I have NEVER found a seamstress who I like as much as my lady from home.  She is THE BEST.  I even managed to have her alter my wedding dress for me (and thank God because I was WAY TOO SCARED to have ANYONE else touch it!).  In NYC I had to have a pair of jeans hemmed.  It was a nightmare.  They are bulky at the bottom b/c of the hem job.  And they are weirdly unwearable.  But Madge.  Oh Madge.  Every dress from my junior prom on.  She’s managed to add straps where there were none (even beaded straps on my senior prom dress!).  She’s been tailoring my clothes for so long that she knows what I’m looking for.  For example, even though I need to hem them, I like to wear my jeans long and she knows how much to take off and how much to leave.

And so now I’m bumming.  Hard.  Because I bought a super cute skirt a few weeks ago from J. Crew online and…womp womp womp.  It doesn’t fit.  Even though I know my measurements and used those to figure out what size I am (but don’t get me started on sizing–that’s another post for another day) it still doesn’t fit.  But it was final sale and therefore I can’t return it and I don’t want to because it is hella cute!  And for the price (hello $17.50 from J. Crew!) I don’t even WANT to return it.  But now I have to find a seamstress/tailor.  Someone I can trust not to screw up this skirt.  Plus, I’ve got a bridesmaid’s dress that will need a SERIOUS hem alteration in the near future!

So here’s hoping I can accomplish in just a few weeks what I haven’t been able to accomplish in the past 7 years!


*I can’t believe I actually typed PDQ.  I feel like such a cornball.  Eh, I’m okay with that.


5 thoughts on “What sucks about moving: Having to find a new EVERYTHING

  1. um, as soon as i read the first line i was all “tell me about it, i’m still driving 2hrs back to The ‘Mond for hair & brows… i just really need a tailor down here”
    and of course, as you always do, stated my case quite clearly. seriously, i think we live in some bizzarro parallel worlds.
    i’m meeting a friend on Sat. and she’s nice enough to pick up my dresses that have been at my alterations lady for 3 months because i haven’t been able to get back up there.
    ugh, i so need to find places down here too but the scary possibility of them totally f-ing your clothes is enough to drive hours to your old place.
    good luck in finding a place! my idea is to take something i really don’t care about in as a test ot see if they do a good job… seems silly, but you CAN’T have someone messing up a <$20 J Crew item!!

  2. I agree, that is the hardest thing about relocating—-after 5 years I finally found an eyebrow girl I loved, have been going to her ever since, Nicoletta, she was the best~~ now she upped and moved to Florida…so the search is once again on, and a scary search~~~when the eyebrows get screwed up it’s beyond horrible!! Good luck with the seamstress!!

  3. NSJ: Have we established that we are twins separated at birth? Just checking. But seriously, trusting new people with is such a scary thing! I mean, how do you know if you are going to pick up your pants only to find them way to short, or still too long, or uneven. Yikes!

    A.J.: There is nothing scarier than trusting new people with your eyebrows. A bad brow waxing is no good!

  4. i never thought i would need a seamstress…i’ve never had to have anything altered though. i’m sure for my wedding dress i’ll have to find someone, but i was kinda hoping they could just do it wherever i bought it from?

    and i know exactly what you mean on every other front, i still haven’t found a good dentist/doctor/hair stylist in arizona :(

  5. Lys: Oh yeah, the bridal stores always have an on-site tailor or they have specific tailors they recommend. But I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who can’t find replacements after they move–it’s sooo hard!!!

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