the funny thing about stomach illnesses

Every so often I get a stomach bug.  Like, a full on bug.

I have stomach issues all the time, I’m not talking about those upset stomachs.  I’m talking about all of a sudden, ill for no reason, can’t pinpoint the pain, sick all night stomach bugs.  The kind where you have no appetite for most of the next day and when you finally get  one back you want every “worst food possible.”

Why is that?  What is it about a stomach bug that makes you crave pizza when you finally start to feel hungry?

Let’s take yesterday for instance.  I didn’t really touch anything but Gatorade and a few graham crackers all day long.  And then around 5:15 I started having a craving for French bread pizzas (and yes, I mean the pre-packaged ones).  But let me back up to around 3:00 when I had a different craving.

I was watching Phineas and Ferb (we can get into my obscene love of childrens’ cartoons later) and Dr. Doofenshmirtz (listen, that’s really his name and his nemesis is a platypus.  It’s hilarious okay?  Plus, it’s a sick day and I get to watch whatever I want to on sick days) ordered a bucket of wings down to his underwater lab thingy.  And he ended up sharing them with Perry the Platypus, who he offered the blue cheese to, because really, he prefers the ranch.  And all I could think about was how I could totally go for some wings.

Something about animated food just makes it look that much tastier.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this Garfield clip (or don’t because even the freeze framed lasagna looks incredible!).  Everything in it looks delicious!

And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made pizza look amazing:

(picture from here)

And let’s not forget SpongeBob’s delicious Krabby Patties:

(picture from here)

So what is it with the animated food?  Or food in general?  Is it simply the knowledge that you can’t have it that makes you crave something?

In September 2007 I went to visit Boo for Labor Day weekend.  It was my first time visiting a guy’s house and I ended up with a stomach flu.  Such a great first impression right?  Well anyway, I had a second wind or something and managed to get myself back to my house.  During the 3-hour drive home though, the only thing I could even think about eating was McDonald’s French fries.  And when I got home, I spent 2 weeks on my parents’ chaise watching Top Chef marathons on Bravo.  I couldn’t eat anything more than scrambled eggs but I could not watch enough of the food shows.

I really can’t explain it.  Every stomach bug I’ve ever had has ended with  me craving some fairly intense food substance.  The 2007 bug?  Ended with a serious sub craving (or hoagie or hero or whatever you want to call it).  This bug I have the French bread pizza craving.

Am I the only one that wants to gorge themselves on super weird foods after they’ve spent the past 24 hours unable to eat?


9 thoughts on “the funny thing about stomach illnesses

  1. When I’m hungover sick I crave pizza. I think it’s because pizza is so stodgy. If you’ve been sick to your stomach your stomach feels all empty and yuck so you want to fill it with something stodgy, and pizza (and lots of cheese) fits the bill!

    And I always thought the Turtle’s pizza looked delicious. I’m sure that’s where my love of pizza originated from…

  2. besides chicken noodle soup with an ice cube in it my sick food go to is Mcnuggets. there’s something about them.

    when i get really hungry though, from being previously sick or whatever, my body is all CARBS CARBS CARBS. i stuff myself with potatoes and pasta!

  3. Phineas and Ferb are amazing! =)

    When I’m sick, really sick, all I want in the world is Burger King. I can’t explain it, everyone always says it’ll make me feel sick, but it doesn’t! It’s kinda magic, I think. lol

  4. Paula: Oh man, I’m the same way. Pizza and booze always go together in my mind. Either pizza on the way home from the bar (hello college weight) or pizza for breakfast. It really is the perfect food!

    NSJ: Carbs are my lifeline…I loooove them!

    Kyla Roma: I’m so glad I’m not the only one who watches Phineas and Ferb–I think they are SO hilarious though! And BK is a good call for post-illness food.

    Amy: OMG I think we’re twins! Seriously! I’m the exact same way. Completely vomit-phobic and haven’t thrown up in 15 years! People never believe me when I say I made it out of college w/o hurling but it’s true!

  5. I can definitely be that way sometimes, and I always want things like ice cream or McDonald’s. Things absolutely horrible for me. I tend to just suck it up and eat soup, but that’s certainly not what I’m craving.

  6. Ran across this funny post when googling “been sick craving lasagna” I haven’t been able to eat much of anything for like 3 days, after eating bad crockpot food, other than certain bland foods and chick fila. Suddenly last night I am CRAVING lasagna and ate a half of a family size pan. Our bodies are so darn strange!

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