Nothing better than childhood nostalgia

Since today is a sick day, I’m taking it easy on the post for today.  (And by taking it easy, I mean being totally inspired by a blogging buddy!)

I need to thank Definitely Jennifer for bringing this website into my life:


Go read her post on it and then check out the site because it’s way cool!

Some of my faves:

Cupcake Dolls, I had the one on the far right with the glittery skirt.

Candy Lipstick, I always used to get these when my dad took me to the penny candy store.

Book It, I loved this program.  It meant one guaranteed night of orange soda and personal pan pizzas.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars, I actually started drooling remembering how yummy these were.  Do they still sell these?

Muppet Babies Theme, I die!!!  I loooved this show when I was little!


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