Literacy does not appear to be a requirement for a license

Please take a close look at the picture above.  (Oh, and please note that I was at a red light that had JUST turned red and the light is notoriously long.  So, you know, don’t try to report me for safety violations.  Or give me crap when I post about how much I hate drivers on cell phones.  Technically I wasn’t on my phone, I was taking a picture with it.  And technically I wasn’t driving.  Okay, moving on.)

Did you all see the sign that says “Stop here on red”?  And did you see the arrow?  And did you see the TWO cars that were ahead of that line?

Yeah, this is what I deal with on a daily(ish) basis.  No one in this area seems to know how to read, let alone drive!  So here’s what happened.  The car in the front was pulled way up to try and turn before the light changed, which obviously they were unsuccessful at.  So that car was stopped basically under the light and then there was me, a few feet behind the “stop here on red” line.

And then the black car decided that “oh yeah, I should totally turn right too!”  So they jumped in line behind the other car.  I was so shocked to see this–hence the picture!  The thing is, this area is full of hairpin turns and 5-way intersections, and that makes the “stop here” signs super important!  For example, if you are turning right onto the street my car was on from the street I was turning on to (does that make sense?) you need to turn the wheel as far over as you can and even then that turn is not gonna happen if the other drivers don’t stop at their “stop here” line.  Once they pass that line, they get in the way of everyone else!

Long story short?  Driving here has definitely been an education and the back roads are my best friends!


2 thoughts on “Literacy does not appear to be a requirement for a license

  1. The area I live in has a major issue with people not reading the “do not block intersection” signs, then bitching because a cop pulled them over and they got a ticket. Idiots…

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