A message to squatters: I hate you. A lot. Get a life

So I did a little playing on the Internet today and do you know what I discovered?

I can’t buy the domain for EITHER of my blogs.

That’s right.  Now, I’ve known for awhile that streetcake.com was taken (when I started the blog I looked into just buying the domain but of COURSE it was already taken). But do you know what happens when you go to streetcake.com? You go to a GoDaddy page with links to cake-related sites. Some stupid squatter wrecked my hope of getting my own domain with the actual name of my blog.

And then today I looked into getting shenaniganist.com. Shenaniganist, if you’ll recall, is basically a made-up word. I mean, it’s not even on UrbanDictionary, it can’t be real, right?  (you’re noting my sarcasm, yes? Good.)  And yet, it’s been taken.  And do you know where that takes you?  It’s a re-direct to a vimeo page and that is beyond irritating.  I swear people get online, scroll the blogs, and then buy the domain names before the actual bloggers can just to be irritating.

So again, my message to squatters: I hate you.  A lot.  Get a life.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go come up with another suitable domain name.  Augh!


2 thoughts on “A message to squatters: I hate you. A lot. Get a life

  1. Oooh, that really IS annoying! It’s like when you can’t buy a ticket to a concert you really want to see because some arseholes have bought sixty tickets apiece purely to sell them on ebay at higher prices.

    I hate pointless stupid greed like that!

  2. My newspaper had the same issue. I work for the Mooresville Tribune and they wanted to buy mooresville.com, but it was taken by someone who doesn’t even use the page. They talked to that person about buying the domain and he wanted a ridiculous sum of cash for it, which the paper wouldn’t pay. So now he has a useless site that he’ll never get paid for as he hoped.

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