I can’t wink.

Is that normal?

I mean, yes, I can do the physical action of shutting one eye and keeping the other open, but I can’t really wink.

Some people look so cool when they wink.  Some people can pull out one of those reassuring winks whenever they want.  Or a secretive wink.  Or a conspiratorial wink.  And they do it effortlessly.

But when I wink?

I look weird.  My face is kind of scrunchy and my “wink” doesn’t quite have the proper effect.

I feel like I’m missing out on some really cool skill set.  This is how I felt before I could do fish lips or raise only one eyebrow and I’ve mastered those now.  But a wink is more than just making the muscles do what I want.  It’s mastering the cool.

I think I’m too much of a goof to make the wink work for me.

I’ll have to just stick to reassuring fish lips.

Those reassure people, right?


7 thoughts on “;)

  1. haha, i can wink (only with the right) but i definitely don’t think it helps make me cool.
    i do wish i could raise one eyebrow though, that to me was always the cool thing. heck, if The Rock can do it you KNOW it’s cool!

  2. I am an awesome winker (for realz, i have been told this by others). However, I never wink unless for some reason I’m in a group of people talking about winking. Whenever I see someone wink I always say to myself, “Self, you should really utilize your winking skills and wink at people when the time is right” but…I never think of it. Wasted talent, I say.

  3. Flipflops: Hey, intensity can be cool. I mean, camping is in tents, and a lot of people think that’s cool. (Oh wow, I totally just stole my husband’s joke there…)

    NSJ: Hahaha I love that you used The Rock as your measure of cool.

    Paula: No need to be bitter as long as we can still ;) online, right? ;) It’s cooler this way anyway, don’t you think? ;)

    Heather: You can spaz out with the rest of then!

    Arielle: I hope one day you will share your winking awesomeness with the rest of us!

    Heather Rose: Yup, we’re friends and now I’m totally looking that pic up hehe!

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