Oh, allergies, I forgot about you….

There were some benefits to living in NYC, I will admit.  But, as with most things, for every upside, there was a down.

For example:

Ample shopping but no car, causing you to lug every bag with you to every store, and even more difficult, through every store.  Have any of you ever tried to navigate H&M with 7 other bags on your arm?  Not easy my friends.  Not easy at all.

Fetch‘s macaroni and cheese.  This mac and cheese is, hands down, the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my entire life.  And they were a mere two blocks from my apartment.  And they delivered–with no minimum delivery.  The downside to this of course was that I ordered mac and cheese for dinner something like twice a week for the last month I lived in NYC, causing me to gain some serious mac and cheese weight right before the wedding.  I don’t prepare for big life events like most people do.  Eh.

But if for every up there is a down, the reverse is also true.

There were no trees in New York.  Well, it’s not that there were no trees, I mean, I heard that there was one in Brooklyn* and there were a few in Central Park–I could see the tops of some of them from my apartment–it’s more that there were less trees in New  York than in any place I’d ever lived before.  During my two years in NYC, I missed the green, sure, but I didn’t miss the pollen.

Granted, I didn’t have much of a chance to miss the pollen.  I still got hit with allergies, but they were never as bad as, say, when I lived in State College.  You know, the college town surrounded by nothing but farms and mountains and pollen, pollen, pollen.  But now I’m back to living in a green-surrounded area.  I can see trees from my bedroom, grass from my living room, and there are probably flowers somewhere near here too!

Unfortunately though, for me, this means that I am getting hit with allergies waaaaaay sooner than I would like.  I’m used to maybe getting hit in April and I’m always full-force sneezing and itching eyes by May but if you’ll all take a minute and check your calenders for me you’ll see that it is actually only March.

March my friends.  A full month before I normally get sneezy.  Apparently when you take yourself out of the nature-infested areas and then toss yourself back in you get hit even worse than before.  Or, and you’d better believe I’m crossing my fingers on this, you just get hit earlier than ever before.  So far I’ve got the “I’m almost congested but not actually congested so I just kind of sniffle a lot and occasionally sneeze” thing going on.  Oh, and the sore throat.  Let’s not forget about the sore throat.  I’ll be rocking the sore throat until probably July, at which point I will take July and August off and then the sore throat will return again in September just in time for my fall allergies.

Like I said…for every upside there is a downside.  But if the upside is trees and birds and grass and things other than concrete?  Well, I’ll take it.


*Shame on me for using such an obvious literary pun.  And shame on you if you didn’t pick it up!!


4 thoughts on “Oh, allergies, I forgot about you….

  1. oh man, i never had allergies growing up in CT. the first spring in VA i got hit with them and 2 years ago i thought i was going to die from allergies! ours start around March here though… not sure if it’s a southern thing or a rotation of the earth being off thing. M’s been on Claritin for 2 weeks now, i’m just waiting my turn : )

    (and i’m really proud that i got the pun as soon i read it!)

  2. I have been luck to never have allergies. At least in NY the trees during fall are all sorts of colors. In California all we get is trees that are either green or dead.

  3. NSJ: Does he get the crazy dreams on Claritin? I switched from taking that because I used to have the weirdest dreams when I was taking that haha!

    Paula: Ha, I’m glad you enjoyed the pun. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I think I’m going to re-read that book; I remember really liking it too!

    lbluca77: Hm, yes, the colors are nice. But where you miss out on colors, you also miss out on snow. I could be okay with that!

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