Congratulations, U.S. government, you’ve just wasted thousands of dollars. Again

Yesterday when Boo grabbed the mail we saw that we’d gotten something from the U.S. Census Bureau and, stupidly it would seem, assumed that it would actually be the 2010 Census.


It was actually a letter telling us that we would be receiving the Census in the mail sometime in the next week and we would need to fill it out and send it back in.

Seriously, Census Bureau?  You wasted thousands of dollars and killed countless trees to send me a letter telling me that you would be sending me something in the mail in another 7 days?  What could the point of that possibly be?  It’s as though they are acting under the assumption that no one in America owns a television or has cable or has been living under a rock and therefore has not seen all of the annoying 2010 Census commercials that have been airing for the past few months thus making it imperative that they send out this mailer to say they would be sending out the census.

Well, congratulations U.S. government, specifically the Census Bureau, for that monumental waste of time, money and resources.  Well done.


5 thoughts on “Congratulations, U.S. government, you’ve just wasted thousands of dollars. Again

  1. HAHAHA, we got that the other day too and commented on the same thing. i mean they no longer send out the paper tax booklets but they’re going to send out this shit? among many ohter stupid mailings that go out? grrrr….
    speaking of govt, did you hear about the fool trying to ban SALT in food?!?

  2. NSJ: Seriously…someone wants to ban salt? Is it because they can’t taste it and want to make everyone else miserable too? I mean, what kind of a sick joke is that?! Getting rid of salt?! There would be an uprising….

  3. That really DOES sound pointless – I mean, it’s not like you were really worrying about its whereabouts and needed reassurance that it was on its way. Or did you???

  4. You missed the point! A lot of people tossed the census forms last time because it looked like junk mail. To prevent that, they sent what looks like junk mail – well, actually it was junk mail – to alert you that the next piece of junk they send really isn’t junk. Not to them anyway. So, if you didn’t toss the first junk mail unread, don’t toss the second piece of junk unread. If however you did toss the first junk unread – well, never mind. And then we start on our taxes.

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