I’m baaaaaack!

I don’t know why I sound so cheerful about that.  I miss the ship!

Boo and I spent the past week (um, okay, well we spent last week because clearly I can’t post things on time!) on the Celebrity Century and we had an amazing time.  I could write all about it, but really pictures are usually more interesting right?  So I’ll go fifty-fifty for you guys.

We flew into Ft. Lauderdale  on Sunday and made our way to Miami which is where we would be sailing from.  We got on the ship around 12:30 and were greeted with champagne and mimosas which we enjoyed on the deck.

After lunch, we checked into our room and were greeted with a bottle of champagne and some fresh fruit:

This was actually the benefit of booking with Concierge class.  When we booked the room, we could have a random room selection which could have landed us in the front or back of the boat (a bad call if the water gets rough) or we could pay a few extra bucks, book a Concierge class room, have a choice of stateroom and a ton of other amenities.  Hm, let’s think about that for a second shall we?

Yup, Concierge class it is!

Okay, so we set sail Monday night for Key West.  Key West was the first excursion day but since Boo and I were just there in October, we took advantage of the practically empty ship and scored some poolside lounge chairs.  After a few hours in the sun it started pouring.  When the rain finally stopped, the captain announced that we would be leaving Key West early to try and beat the bad weather.

We didn’t make it.

The wind was so crazy that it blew my cover-up right off!

The waves were already big on our way out of Key West so we booked it.

Hence the crazy choppy water.

So those big waves got bigger and ended up being 6-7 feet high and as you sat in the dining room you could actually see swaying back and forth.  Our table-mates dropped like flies that night.  We started with eight people.  Two of the boys (Boo included) went to buy motion-sickness medication for their significant others.  While they were gone, our food showed up and we lost two more girls.  The guys came back; Boo stayed and the other guy took his girlfriend back to their room.  I bowed out before dessert.  Only Boo and one other couple lasted the whole meal.  It was a crazy night.

The water calmed down by Wednesday morning and Boo and I spent our day at sea sitting poolside in the sun.  Wednesday night was our formal night and since we were honeymooners, we got a cake and a song!  They made me split my cake up and share it with the table though.  I’m still bitter.  It was a damn good cake!

Thursday was our day in Grand Cayman and Boo and I swam with stingrays.  It was the coolest thing ever!  And the best part of the whole thing was that after 5 years of using digital cameras, we still got decent shots with our disposable haha!

(not from our disposable…)

(from our disposable camera…there’s definitely a difference haha!)

(tummy rub)

(back rub)

(and the totally cool stingray butt massage haha!)

Friday was another day at sea which translated into a little time in lounge chairs, a little time napping, and some fabulous room service cheeseburgers.  I’ll miss those.

At the end of our last night at dinner we decided to take a picture of the whole group.  We actually all got along really well and we hung out after dinner most nights.  So here is the gang from table 598:

Complete with our kick-ass waiters Ali (in the black) and Dejean (in the white).

Rough waves and all, it was an amazing cruise.  We had so much fun, we’re already talking about taking another cruise next year!

But for now, it’s back to reality.  Thankfully reality didn’t equate to temperatures in the 30s when we got back.

P.S. All the rest of our vacation pics are on Facebook, so if we’re friends, check them out.  If we aren’t friends, well, change that too!


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