Just in time for more snow…

SHUT UP!  This is totally not a post about the weather!  I am SO not writing about the weather, I swear!

Well…okay, I’m writing about the weather a little bit.

After the first few snow falls of the year, I decided that I needed snow boots.  Actual snow boots.  Not cold-weather-only-will-be-totally-soaked-through-in-the-snow boots, aka Uggs.  See, Uggs are fine if you’re just walking to class, or to the car, or even to the subway.  If, however, you plan to spend hours on end shoveling out your car, Uggs are not ideal.

Now let me stop you right here.  I’m not saying that Uggs are a fashion statement.  I’m just saying that they are a good option for the snow and cold of the Northeast.

So as I was saying, I needed good solid snow boots for shoveling, etc.  I haven’t owned real snow boots since, well:

Anyway, it was about time I found a pair.  So I was trolling the Nordstrom Web site and found some awesome boots:

Sorel Tivoli

Sorel Tivoli Waterproof Boot in Chili Denim, via Nordstrom.com

Now I was all set and ready to shell out the $94.95 for these boots, after all, good snow boots can last you for 10 years.  And then one morning I woke up, hopped onto Rue La La, and there they were.  For a mere $49.00.  And now, here they are:

Sorel Tivoli

Just in time for more snow!


Also in time for more snow? My Caribbean cruise!  That’s right, for the next week, Boo and I will be cruising around the Caribbean, revisiting our first honeymoon location of Key West, swimming with stingrays, and tanning like the sun will be burning out tomorrow.

Sadly though, while my cruise means you’ll all hate me for being somewhere warm, you’ll also be missing my lovely wit for the next week.

Something tells me you’ll all be most upset about being stuck in the cold though, won’t you?


10 thoughts on “Just in time for more snow…

  1. you meant that Uggs are “NOT” a good option for the NE, right?

    and i love my sorel’s… real snow boots are never attractive but damn are they awesome. and i’m totally jealous that you’ll be tanning… it’s not too cold here. just not warm enough to sunbathe yet. so jealous.

  2. My UGGS don’t work because Glasgow is too icy and I end up slipping. Ugh. (Or do I mean “ugg?”) I really like your new boots though, they look cool!

    And mega jealous of your cruise. I have to wait another two months for my holiday to the greek islands – mind you, I need two months at least to get in bikini shape so it’s probably a good thing I have time to wait!

  3. feeling pretty dang good after a nice dose of .NyQuil. It was karma, and your blog was right on the button. I took a dose once, and my daughter, three hours later brought some more (neither aware I already took it). I slept all night and all day, into the following night- about 23 hours. They almost called the ambulance, but i kept talking weird stuff in my sleep- they then knew I wasn’t dead.
    you rock.

    my sorels were too great- my feet sweated like crazy in them- this was in Montana and northern Washington.

  4. NSJ: I know you hate Uggs but they are still warm and cozy and I looOOOOoooOOOooove them!

    Jamie: I love Gilt (and now Gilt Fuse too!) and Rue is equally, if not more, awesome. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Either way, I sent you an invite!! *IF ANYONE ELSE WANTS AN INVITE, LET ME KNOW!!*

    Paula: Oh yeah, the Uggs are not so good with the traction. As for being in bikini shape? Yeah, I could probably use another two months too haha! I have a bit of a carb tummy at the moment. I can’t help it–it’s too hard to eat healthy in the winter :(

    Kez: Thank you!!!! I’ll post some pics when we get back.

    Rabbit: Uh…glad it worked out for ya…

  5. E.P.: Thanks! And yes, the cruise came just in time–we needed a break from the weather!

    MinD: Uh…my bad :P

    Kristy: Thanks so much!! And thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

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