Well geeze, this is embarrassing

I have nothing to write about today.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  There are additional parking lot shenanigans that I could write about.  There is also the fact that it is raining and that it is going to snow again and that I will LOSE MY MIND if it snows because Boo and I are leaving for a cruise on Sunday.

But, wow, it would be really terrible if I wrote another post about my parking lot or about the weather.  I mean, it’s bad enough that I’ve become a curmudgeony elderly person in real life, but to do it on this here blog?  I just couldn’t live with myself if that happened.

So I’m wondering…is it just me?  I mean, am I the only person who feels compelled day after day to write about their parking lot?  Am I the only person who watches their parking lot hi jinks intently enough that they could in fact write about them on a daily basis?

Did any of the rest of you know that there are actually four ways to spell hi jinks?  (Hi jinx, high jinx, hi jinks, high jinks, for the record).

Oh geeze.  I mean, I know I joked about being one of those losers who stares outside their front window and yells at the kids to stay off their lawn, but now I’m really concerned that I actually may be transforming into said loser more quickly than I thought.

Help me.


4 thoughts on “Well geeze, this is embarrassing

    no, i don’t write about parking lots or anything but i do bitch about stuff all the time, not sure if that counts.
    and i’m totally jealous of your cruise though… i totally wanna go! wave as you pass down the east coast!

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you wanting to write about your parking lot rage all the time! I do the same about my annoying flatmates. Ranting is fun, especially YOUR rants! :)

  3. NSJ: Bitching always counts haha!

    DoD: I’ll look into that.

    Paula: Glad you like my rants! I always like yours too–I can soooo relate to annoying roommates (well, the old ones anyway. Boo is actually the best roomie!)

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