Countdown to THON: THON IS NOW!!!!!!

THON 2010 STARTS TODAY!!!! I really hope that you guys have enjoyed seeing some of my favorite THON memories and I hope that you guys have checked out and donated to this seriously amazing cause!!

So for the last day of my countdown I wanted to show you guys my best THON memories.  The THON totals!!!!

THON 2005:

THON 2006:

THON 2007:

THON 2008:

THON 2009:

(pic via Penn State Dance Marathon’s Facebook page)


Can you see how those numbers have risen?!  It’s incredible and I can’t wait to see what the total for THON 2010 will be!  I really want to encourage you guys, again, to donate!  And I want to encourage you guys to watch THON this weekend as will be doing a live Web cast ALL WEEKEND LONG!  Of course, there is nothing like seeing THON in person, but really, it’s amazing to check this out and see what THON is all about!

One day we will dance in celebration, until then, we will dance for a cure!


UPDATE: Here is the UStream link for THON Web cast.


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