Countdown to THON: 1 Day!!!!!

Falling in Love:

THON 2007.  This was right after Boo gave me the very first piece of jewelry he ever gave me–that Ring Pop on my finger!  He also hooked me up with that killer war paint!  This is one of my favorite pictures of us too :)  This was the weekend that my parents met Boo for the first time and for them, it was love at first sight.  It was early Sunday morning, around 5am, and my parents were on the floor with me.  Boo came over while we were talking.  Since we were just standing still, I was starting to feel the pressure in my knees so I asked my dad if he could hold my leg up.  It’s a trick I learned from my friend Tabbi–you stand like the Captain (yes, I mean Captain Morgan) and have someone hold your leg up for a few minutes.  It gets the pressure off of that leg for a bit and then you switch.  So while my dad was holding my leg up, Boo asked if I wanted him to rub my feet.  I obviously agreed and he knelt down (while still keeping his knees off the ground…it’s a THON thing) and he took of my shoes and rubbed my feet.  That was when my parents fell in love.  It was such a Biblical thing and an amazingly genuine gesture that they both started thinking “why the heck isn’t she dating a nice guy like him?!”  My mother took the liberty of sharing that sentiment with me a little bit later.  We were in the locker room so she could help me wash my hair (in a locker room sink, after being awake for over 36 hours, this is seriously a task that requires help) and she asked why I wasn’t dating Boo.  My answer?  “Yeah, I don’t know…maybe I should re-think that!”

The next day I asked him to come over and watch a movie with me.  We’ve been together ever since (which, by the way, will be 3 years tomorrow).

Part of why this is such a cool thing is that I always wanted a THON boyfriend.  That’s not uncommon.  A girl on my Morale team junior year was a THON baby–her parents met at THON–and all the girls on the team swooned when she told us that!


9 thoughts on “Countdown to THON: 1 Day!!!!!

  1. M.O.L.: Thank you!!!

    NSJ: Thanks! And no, ew, totally not conceived at THON, that wouldn’t be FTK (for the kids)! THON baby is just kind of the term we used for kids who had parents who met through THON.

  2. So, are you posting a link to the live stream from Thon? The beginning is fun but the last few hours are not to be missed – where do we plug in?

  3. DoD: will be showing the live stream all weekend (that’s actually in my post tomorrow!) It’s right on the home page–you can’t miss it–and you really shouldn’t!

  4. I tried to comment earlier but for some reason wordpress blogs weren’t letting me comment. Bad wordpress!!!

    You and Boo’s story is just so cute. :)

  5. Happy 3 Years!! I love to tell our story, and the cause is an even better one! I miss being at THON but watching it online makes it a really great way to reconnect. Go THON Tech!

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