There IS such a thing as parking lot etiquette

Parking lot etiquette exists.  Unfortunately, no one has told my neighbors that.  I am inclined to cut them the teeny tiniest bit of slack ever because it has never snowed like this in Philly.  But I am only just barely inclined.  And here’s why:

We have some of the rudest people ever co-parking with us in this lot.  (Like I haven’t mentioned this enough recently).

The most frustrating thing about the snow is that not everyone takes the time to properly shovel out their car.  They assume that because we live in a complex that has a cleaning crew, someone will come and shovel them out.  This isn’t entirely true.  Yes, the guys come by with the snow blower, but they can’t shovel every single resident out of their parking spots.  Especially because most people don’t know how to park so they end up just inches away from other cars.

The first person to really screw the parking lot for the rest of us was the Mommy Volvo.  During part 2 of the blizzard last week, MV brushed off part of her SUV, enough to see, I’m assuming, and left everything else.  Then, to ensure that she’d be able to pull out of her parking spot, she pulled in and out of the spot to harden the snow.

Are you kidding me?!

Harden snow, if you’ve never encountered such a thing before, turns into ice.  Now maybe she thought that this would be  a sure fire way to ensure that no one would take her spot but there is no such guarantee, especially in the aftermath of snow.  As it turned out, a Honda beat her back to the parking lot.  And the poor guy ended up parked over 2 inches of ice.  At least.  The ice was so thick I could see it from my apartment.

And the Volvo?  Oh she pulled into Boo’s perfectly clean spot.  The one he and I spent 2 hours digging out.  The one SHE SAW US SPEND 2 HOURS DIGGING OUT.  She of course pulled right in.

And then there was the bizarre Saab convertible.  The Saab showed up at the end of the first snow storm.  There was a very bizarre musical chairs situation happening in the parking lot.  A Lexus SUV was in the spot next to me until the Saab pulled up, got out of the car and started pointing to that spot.  And stayed there until the Lexus pulled out of the spot and the Saab pulled in.

What the what?!

Anyway, the Saab stayed there all throughout the second round of the blizzard.  And never ONCE brushed off the car.  Did I mention that it was a convertible?  Yeah, I can’t imagine that’s good for the car.

Let me pause here to show you the picture I’ve just painted:

parking lot annoyances

Yup, you can see where the Volvo was and where the Saab is.  And also, White Mustang Guy (but he’s been surprisingly well behaved lately!).

So the Saab has been in that same spot, with 18+ inches of snow on the car, since last Wednesday.  A full week.  Not once during that week did they brush off the car, including during yesterday’s snow fall.

And then today, I woke up and what did I see?

Yup.  Pulled right out of the spot.  Threw all the snow from THEIR car next to MY car.

I’m so over it.  It’s unbelievable to me how inconsiderate some people can be.  The drivers of the Volvo and the Saab would be the type of people who would throw massive hissyfits if they pulled into the parking lot and the only spots available were filled with someone else’s snow! GASP!  And ice?!  Heaven forbid Mommy Dearest has to force her children to walk on ice.

Wait, what’s that?  You think it’s just so rude that someone left all that snow there?  You don’t say!

In conclusion?  I’m starting to think that shelling out the $80 a month for a parking spot is worth it.  If for no reason other than to stop myself from going insane watching this ridiculous week after week.


7 thoughts on “There IS such a thing as parking lot etiquette

  1. AHHH, that would make me stab people with an ice scraper! i lived in an area with on street parking for the last 7 years and the once or twice we got snow i wanted to hit people with my shovel or just scrape the side of their car with it. people have ZERO common sense! i still wish i’d taken a photo of the news one day, when we got 8 inches of snow they were showing the bedlam and there was a woman driving down the street about 5mph because she didn’t take ANY SNOW off her car. there was a small spot where her driver’s side wiper was working… it was insanity.
    people suck.

  2. Oh good God, if this was me I would be absolutely furious too! Some people have NO CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER for others. Unfortunately these people appear to be your neighbours. :(

  3. M.O.L..: Ugh, I know, that’s a good motto. It’s just so hard to get to that point!

    NSJ: Something about snow turns people into insane lunatics. I really agree with the wanting to stab people with an ice scraper….

    Paula: It’s like, consideration is something that doesn’t exist anymore, which is such a drag!

  4. I feel your pain. I live in a condo filled with inconsiderate f*&#s. (that’s actually how I found your blog, same tag!) One of my neighbors doesn’t clear her car & shovel out. She waits for me to clear out, the plow then comes and plows out my space then, before I can move my car back in, she takes over. Another neighbor once suggested a strategically placed nail under the tire but as much as I hate this bitch, I’d feel terrible if she was hurt in an accident.

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