Countdown to THON: 2 Days!!!!

Taking a load off:

THON 2007.  This guy (Kulp) is the guy who introduced me and Boo at THON 2k6.  It’s really hard to say what point in the weekend this was.  I want to say it was early Sunday morning…or maybe late Saturday night?  I really have no idea.  That sort of happens at THON.  Which is a good thing, b/c if you figure out what time it is, it can kind of mess you up.  The best thing about being a tiny dancer (oh yes, I’m fully aware of the pun I just made there, I did it on purpose) is that guys can easily lift you up and hold you up for awhile.  Actually, chicks can too–I had both a former roommate and former morale team member hold me up for awhile during the weekend.  After you’ve been standing for hours and days on end, this is an extremely good thing.  So Kulp definitely stood there acting like a make-shift table for awhile and let me lay on his back and I was super thankful.  (As a note, when Boo would hold me up like this, he would rub my calf muscles too–talk about a heavenly feeling!)


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