Blog Valentine!

I just wanted to send a few quick shout-outs of thanks this morning!

First of all, I want to the thank the super awesome Ashley for organizing the bloggy valentine’s day!  It was such a great idea and super fun to participate in!!

Second, I’d like to thank my Blog Valentine, Mocha Dad, for the awesome flowers he sent!

(aren’t they puurrrrty?)

And third of all, I want to thank my Blog Valentine in advance for being super patient.  This stupid snow has really affected my ability to send out your package :(  That said, I’m hoping that you’ll like it when you get it!  (And no, I’m not linking to that person just yet…still hoping for some element of surprise!)

Happy belated Valentine’s day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Blog Valentine!

  1. Awww!! Those are so pretty, so nice of your blog valentine!! I’m glad you enjoyed your valentines (and blog valentines) :) I loved hosting it and kinda can’t wait for next year. Except, I can because being single on vday still kiiinda sucks!

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