Neener neener neener

So remember how I told you all to not over-do it this year with the resolutions?  Do you remember that?

Well I would to just let you all know that I accomplished all of my resolutions as of Sunday.

Sunday, January 31.

That’s right my friends.  I started shopping at Whole Foods (I’ve been twice) and I learned to make a soup.

I didn’t just learn to make a soup either, I learned to make a soup so well that I was able to tell someone else how to make it.

But in all fairness, it only has 5 ingredients.

On last Friday’s show, my favorite lady, Rachael Ray, made this 5 ingredient tortellini soup.  And I have to tell you, it is AMAZING.


Okay, this soup…people…it is SO easy to make.  You buy a can of chicken broth.  You buy some tortellini.  You buy some spinach.  You buy a lemon and some Parmesan cheese.  Boil the broth.  Cook the tortellini.  When the tortellini is almost done, put the spinach in.  By the time the pasta is done, the spinach will have cooked down enough.  Then you ladle it, put a little lemon zest on top and some Parmesan and DONE!


And seriously…so so delicious.

And do you want to know what makes it even more delicious?  Knowing that learning how to make this soup means that I knocked out both of my New Year’s resolutions by January.

Neener neener.



9 thoughts on “Neener neener neener

  1. that sounds delicious! and i’m all for things that take very little effort or complexity. i may have to try this and impress my husband : )
    and nice touch with the neeners

  2. Rachel Ray makes me want to gouge my eyes out with soup spoons, but I’m sure she’s a wonderful person.

    That soup? Looks very yummy. I’m going to have to try it with vegetable bullion. Mmm. Spinach and parmesan. Mmm.

    Way to go on your resolutions! I made ONE, and I have yet to start on it.

  3. Ok, I’m on it. Maybe you should be writing a little easy meals for dinner blog because this recipe looks amazingly delicious and easy!! Easy in that I don’t even think I’d have to call anyone while cooking it!! -LOL-M.O.L. One question~~~Fresh spinach?

  4. M.O.L.: As you should be!

    NSJ: Trust me, the most complex part of this recipe is the lemon zest. And how hard is that!?

    Narm: It’s almost twice as much fun.

    Lacey: You need to–it’s SO good!

    Heather: Well, yes, Rachael Ray does seem to have that effect on some people, but trust me, the soup is SO worth it!

    Paula: It’s both, trust me!

    A.J.: I just used a bag of spinach, well half actually, and it worked out just fine.

    Jessica: You need to make this soup, it is massively delicious!

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