THON On! For the kids!

Today is February 1st.  And February is, at least for me, all about THON!

You guys remember THON right?

This year, some pretty exciting things are happening with THON.

On Friday, Twitter was blowing up with THON retweets thanks to Khloe Kardashian.  That’s right!  Mrs. Kardashian-Odom found out about THON, encouraged people to donate, retweet and tell her their THON stories.

The THON office made a little video for Khloe, the number of followers for @abolishcancer increased a TON b/c of the promise to donate $1 for every new follower, and donations soared! (Check out the post that AbolishCancer wrote about it!)

The day started out with Khloe posting a little something on her blog about THON.  And then followed that up with a thank-you post after hearing how her tweets helped to launch THON into the Top 10 trending topics worldwide!

And then this morning I woke up and saw that Perez Hilton had featured THON as a worthwhile cause!

So the point of this post?  I am BEYOND PROUD of the recognition that THON has gotten online in the past few days.  PR like this will help so many kids and families and I just wanted to remind you guys about THON.  I know that the internet can really rally around great causes and what cause could be more important than helping these kids?

So as you start into this new month, I just want to encourage all of my lovely readers to head over to and donate!!

(B0o and I donated to THON in honor of our wedding guests!)


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