The closest I’ll ever come to a TMI:Thursday post

There is something about marriage that people don’t tell you: when you or your spouse is ill, it’s not RUDE for the healthy person to ditch the sick one and sleep on the couch.  It’s SMART.

And I can say this now with great authority.

For the past few weeks I’ve had an on-and-off sore throat.  You know the type.  It’s sore for a few days, you are CONVINCED that you are getting sick and then it goes away.  Like, you’re sitting there, watching Chuck and you swallow and realize you’re fine.  And so you sail along for a few days, you’re doing great, and then the sore throat comes back.  But it doesn’t REappear as abruptly as it DISappears, oh no.  You just wake up with it one day.  You think that you just slept with your mouth open or something and that it’ll go away but it doesn’t and then you’re right back where you started, with a sore throat, CONVINCED that you are getting sick.

So while I was doing the sore throat dance, Boo somehow managed to steal my sore throat and get a full-blown cold from it.  He had the scratchy throat and the achy body and the runny nose.  And the worst part?  He was on his work pager this weekend and the poor guy was up all night working when he should have been passed out on NyQuil (I’m giving you all a break and NOT linking to my NyQuil post this time…you know…since I just did it yesterday.  PLUS you guys really should have read it by now, yes?)

So anyway, while he was a snuffly mess, I thought about sleeping on the couch but we’re newlyweds and we didn’t live together before we got married (hell, we weren’t even in the same STATE before we got married) so we like to cuddle.  Apparently, cuddling is one of the reasons that you are supposed to sleep on the couch if you are the healthy one.  Falling asleep with my head on Boo’s chest leaves me right in his line of breathing.  Which means?  Yes, you guessed it.

Cold city baby.

And this vicious beast has taken on a life of it’s own.  It’s growing man, and it’s not taking “Vitamin C” for an answer.  It has rebuffed my use of ALL of my normal meds.  The elderberry isn’t taking effect yet.  The Vitamin C has done nothing for me.  The decongestant?  Well I’m still fully congested, so take a guess as to how well that is working.

Tuesday was one thing.  I had the stingy sore throat and the aches.  And I could have lived with that.  Do you know what stage of the cold I spent yesterday in?  The perpetual runny/twitchy/verge-of-sneeze nose.  The nose where you constantly feel like you need to sneeze but you can’t?  Sneeze constipation is one thing, but then you have the dripping thing.  There is only ONE thing you can do on a day like this.

You spend the whole day with a tissue shoved up your nose.

Classy, right?


9 thoughts on “The closest I’ll ever come to a TMI:Thursday post

  1. You are painting quite a picture…nothing quite as attractive as walking around with a tissue hanging out of both nostrils…..I am guessing you didn’t do this in front of Boo before you were married!

  2. oh man, i don’t envy you. i had that cold for a while and i’m FINALLY over it. it was like it hit me and i felt like death for 2-3 days and then i felt better. not GOOD, just better. for weeks! it slowly went away little by little to the point that i never really realized when it was gone bu thte stuffy head continued for weeks. one of my ears is still stopped up, when i bend over i can feel/hear the fluid rush around. but at least the runny nose has stopped.
    my hubs swears by Airborne and Zicam and he never got it this time and we got to sleep in the same bed. he got a little ill but never made it to the full-blown-i-hate-life cold. i swear by Mucinex DM to clear that puppy up… i’m sure everyone has their drugs of choice that they swear works miracles
    just take everything you can without being sent to the hospital : )

  3. Go. To. The. Doctor. I’m usually the first to avoid such a thing, but I’ve heard a lot about people ending up with pneumonia lately. Before they know it, this persistent cold congestion they have has become fluid in their lungs and they need to be hospitalized! Hypochondriac here. Go. Now.

  4. Did Boo have a man-cold when he caught your bug?

    If so you might identify with this vid and it might cheer you up since you’re not at your best. :)

  5. Lilu: Um…yeah, I definitely thought about that but was pretty sure my husband would come home from work, take one look at that, and turn right around haha!

    M.O.L.: No…no, this I didn’t do in front of Boo before we tied the knot. You’ve got to keep some of the surprise haha!

    NSJ: Dude, tell M to ditch the Zicam! I used to use it but then they recalled a bunch so now I totally avoid it! But on the plus side, the Elderberry works pretty much the same way.

    Heather: I promise I will if I still feel sick in a few days!

    Paula: Bwahahaha, I love Man Cold! (The video, obvs, the real deal would be suuuuch a bummer to deal with haha!)

    A.J.: Thank you!

  6. My gf and I sleep in the same bed, but we definitely give each other space, so I don’t think we would have the same issue.
    We’ve been fortunate in the time we’ve lived together that we haven’t given diseases to the other person. Except that time I gave her SARS.
    Just kidding. I just wanted to make a SARS joke three years too late.

    Hope you both feel better…

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