Message to tourists: please keep walking

So remember how I said that I realized a lot of people don’t ever read the title of the post and just wander onto these posts and have no idea what I’m talking about because my first sentence is the second half of a thought I started in my title?  Well, you should because it was only like a week ago (remember now?).  So anyway, if you didn’t read my title today, could you take a second and read it real quick?

I’ll wait….

We good?

Okay, great, so that title was a actually a six-word memoir that I entered in Smith Magazine’s six-word NYC memoir contest.  And guess what?  It was one of the winning entries, which meant that I, along with the other winners, was invited to read my memoir at the six-word memoir event at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday night.

The event was basically a round-table discussion with Amy Sohn (author of, most recently, Prospect Park West), A.J. Jacobs (author of, most recently, The Guinea Pig Diaries) and Ben Yagoda (author of, most recently, Memoir-A History) as well as Larry Smith, the founder and editor-in-chief and Rachel Fershleiser, senior editor.

It was a really cool evening.  It was great to sit in a room full of people who love to write and love to read and listen to people who love to write and make a living out of it.  I was in nerd heaven.  Afterward I was able to meet the authors/panelists, get some autographs, and talk for a few minutes.  I was also able to hand these out:

Boo made me business cards to hand out!  It was just a good way for me to get my blog and info out to some other people.

Sunday night was also the first time I’ve been back to NYC since I moved (almost 4 months exactly from my move-out date!)  Cait and I took the train up on Sunday, sthpoooooned in the hotel on Sunday night, and took the train back on Monday morning.  There is nothing better than a girls’ weekend (no offense baby!) and we had a great time!

We had 2 criteria for the weekend:

1) Shopping

2) Dinner at Fetch to see if we could, once and for all, solve the mystery of the mac and cheese.

Missions accomplished.


*I also managed to get a cold while I was in the city (super, right?) so I’m writing this through the Nyquil haze (as if you had any doubt) and I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled posting here asap.

Also…I didn’t feel like I had any overwhelming votes one way or the other about the email/comment responses so for now I’m sticking to my old system.


6 thoughts on “Message to tourists: please keep walking

  1. you’ve only been gone for such a short time and already your body has become weak to the germs of The City. you need to spend more time near bums and subway cars to build up your immunities

  2. I’m all for the old system. It works.

    YAAAAAAY for winning! Congrats. I feel like such a little drama queen for saying it, but *cue incredibly whiny voice* I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! EVER!

  3. That sounds like such an interesting novel. One of the first “properly” adult books I remember reading was by Amy Sohn – “Run Catch Kiss”. I loved it. In fact, I think it’s due a re-read.

  4. NSJ: You’re right! I lost my NYC immunity!

    M.O.L.: Thank you!!! As a resident, you just want to grab people sometimes and yell “the buildings will still be there if you move over a foot! Don’t just stop in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk!”

    Heather: Aww, if it makes you feel better, I usually never win anything!

    Paula: After hearing her talk, that’s totally on my list for new book purchases!

    A.J.: Haha thank you!!!

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