A question for you, my loyal readers

So I don’t actually have a post for you today.  Instead, I have a question.

What are your thoughts on the whole comment/comment response thing?  Generally I respond to your comments on the post itself but I realized something today and that is that no one ever goes back to the post after they comment.

I comment on a TON of blogs and never necessarily know if the author has seen my comment, read it, or responded to it because I don’t leave the page open and refresh and wait for a response to my comment.  And while I know that hearing back isn’t the point of commenting, I feel like not knowing if there is a response is kind of like yelling into the wind (pardon the terrible cliche)–you just don’t know if anyone ever heard what you said.  You miss out on the conversations and the banter and the relationship building.

One of my favorite bloggers, Not So Jenny at it’s always like this always e-mails her response to comments.  A lot of times, this leads to a back-and forth volley of e-mails which I love!

So my question is this: am I the only one who has no idea if their comments are being heard?  (Okay, I lied, I have 2 questions)  Would you guys like it if I e-mailed you back when you comment or would you prefer that I just keep my responses on the post?


10 thoughts on “A question for you, my loyal readers

  1. aww, thank you! that’s so nice to hear. and funny too because i think some people get irritated that i respond to their comment via email. oh well.
    personally i know which blogs i read reply in the comments and i make a point to go back and read the comment (usually when i’m commenting on their next post). but i love when my fellow wordpress bloggers comment because all i have to do is go to the My Comments section and see any responses to my comments : )
    so i guess my answer is – either way. i have no preference. i hope your other readers are more helpful : )

  2. If I have something to reply about, I try to email the person back. But if they don’t have an email address linked, then I can’t do it! I dont post a comment on my own post to reply though… and Blogger doesnt allow you to reply back in comments yet. :(

  3. I’m happy with the comments on the post – too many emails might get a bit annoying…besides we have the option of clicking whether we want automatic notifications anyways.

    I really just never know if someone’s been reading my comments on their blogs, but I get the most joy letting someone know I appreciate their efforts so it’s not always about the return for me.

  4. Do whatever works for you. And I say that because sometimes emailing everyone can be a bit daunting.

    Personally, if I leave a comment and I’m hoping or looking for a response from the blogger – and they aren’t someone who emails – I check back in with the blog.

    I’ve struggled with this same question, too. First I was just editing the comment itself with my remarks, but realized nobody ever knows then if I say anything. Now, like on your blog, those who comment can check that “notify me of follow-up comments via email” if they want the email or are looking for a response more directly.

  5. I’ve tried doing both responding in the comments section, and by e-mail; a lot of people don’t leave their e-mail, though, so it’s limited. But I love it when I get in that back-and-forth, too.

    I check back on a blog if I had a specific question and I’m hoping they will respond, but not in general, as that’s time consuming.
    Good question…

  6. I respond on my blog, but I don’t know if they ever see it. I just assume if they want to know what I said they’ll check back. That’s what I do, or else I check that happy little email notification box.

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