The title/Reader issue

I realized something last night while I was laying in bed and in that half-awake/half-asleep/half-blogging in my head stage.  You know the one where you’re partially asleep and then you get this great idea for a post and you try to form it out in your head in the hopes that you’ll remember it  in the morning, which of course, you never do.

Anyway, while I was doing this I realized something about the way I write.  Half of my posts have a title that is just the first part of the first sentence of my post.  (These two are from the last year alone.  Actually they’re both from last April, so apparently I was big on this in the spring).

It didn’t occur to me until last night that this might a problem for some people.  There are some people who probably skip over the title in their Google Reader or whatever they are using and stumble on a post that starts in the middle of a sentence.

For example (and by for example, I mean one of the posts I already linked to because I know you guys didn’t click.  Slackers.):

“…to my 97th birthday celebration.”

And I wonder if the people who skip over the title read that and go “what the crap?” and keep going or if they go back and read the title or what.

Now you’d think that because I realized this, I would make a conscious effort to stop doing this but I can’t say that that’ll be the case.  So, be alerted readers!  Be on your toes!  And, you know, read my titles and stuff.


6 thoughts on “The title/Reader issue

  1. interesting thought. i do that sometimes but i never gave any thought to people not reading it properly. oh well.
    and yes, writing posts in your head, and rewriting until the wording is perfect all while you’re trying to fall asleep is definitely a disease.

  2. It brings peace to my soul that I am not the only person who spends many nights half awake/half asleep and half blogging in my head.

    But I’m still a little ashamed of myself when I refer to things from the ‘blogging world’ in everyday conversations, only to get the blank stare.

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