Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your ooorder?

Well damn, I MUST be getting old.  I was in bed, watching The Nanny on Nick @ Nite (which in itself makes me feel old because I remember watching that in prime time) and I saw a commercial for Good Burger*.

You all remember the Good Burger sketch from All That, right?  With Kenan and Kel?  And you all remember when they turned it into a movie, right?

Well apparently today’s youth have NO IDEA about any of that.  Do you want to know how they were promoting the movie?

“From the creators of iCarly and Drake and Josh, and staring SNL’s Kenan Thompson…”

Say what?!  It’s not from the creators of iCarly and Drake and Josh.  I mean, it IS, but those shows weren’t even around when the Good Burger sketch first aired.  In fact, Miranda Cosgrove (the “Carly” in iCarly) was only 1 year old when the sketch first aired.  She couldn’t even speak and now she’s got her own show (which in itself is a spinoff of a spinoff of a show featuring All That cast members) that was created by the guy who created Good Burger the movie.

This is just insanity. And just when I was coming to grips with the fact that I’m 25.

I guess it’s time I get out my glasses, find a good rocking chair, and start practicing my “back in my day” stories because I swear my childhood memories have become “vintage classics.”  To quote Miss Fine, “Oy.”



*It’s on Sunday at 8 if you want to relive your childhood.


Your Wikipedia “fun fact” regarding Good Burger: When the movie debuted on cable in 2007 Nickelodeon made some cast members re-voice lines to censor out the words “ass” and “sucks”.  (They weren’t in the same sentence, that really WOULD have required censoring).


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your ooorder?

  1. Haha! Things like this so often make me feel old these days! I have a good friend who is like nine years younger than me and there’s so many times I mention stuff from my childhood and she doesn’t have a clue. Makes me feel ancient.

  2. Wow. Really? … That makes me feel so freaking old. And I cannot believe that it wasn’t toted as the movie spinoff from an awesome show.

    … Kids these days…

  3. what makes me feel old is that i remember the “little kids” down the street growing up talking about Good Burger and i had no idea what they were talking about
    grr, old sucks ass (voice-over that!)

  4. Oldness encroaches daily. I’m just accepting it now.

    Remember “You Can’t Say That On Television” from when we were REALLY little? People got slimed for saying certain words. There was that nasty road kill cafe place with the cook named Barf. It was awesome. Nobody in Alabama ever watched that show. Maybe it was just a Kentucky thing. I don’t know. I’m starting to think I made the whole thing up.

  5. Marie: Welcome to the blog! And oh yeah, there is no doubt we were both watching All That!

    Paula: I have the same thing–my cousin is about 10 years younger than me and has NO idea about any of my childhood faves!

    MinD: Completely sad. Weren’t we just in college?

    E.P.: Ridiculous, isn’t? An entire generation is missing out on the goodness of Good Burger!

    NSJ: Oh don’t you worry, we don’t censor over here (at least not usually haha!)

    Heather: Omg, I LOVED “You can’t say that on television.” There are still some skits of that that I can picture vividly from my childhood, is that weird?

  6. oh man when i saw this title i just laughed and totally envisioned kel delivering the line, haha. oh how i loved their show a little too much and the movie is amazing, haha.

  7. 1) I read this post entirely because of the title, which is awesome
    2) Coincidentally, I mention All That in my upcoming Cosmo review. So strange we both have All That references within days of each other.
    3) I realized Nick Cannon used to be on All That. How did I not know that before?

  8. What I find sad is that Nick has to edit a movie that they themselves made 13 years ago.

    That to me means that either they aren’t as daring as they used to be, or they have really sanitized down the kind of programming they air…which is basically saying they aren’t that daring anymore.

    I mean there is something wrong if you can’t air shows and movies your own channel created without making edits to it.

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