So what do I do with that last little bit?

I like to have bar soap in my shower.  Generally speaking I’m a body wash/loofa kind of girl but I like to have the bar soap in there too.  I actually use it, it’s not just in there because I’m a weirdo or anything.  I mean, I am kind of weird but that isn’t why I have the soap.

Anyway, I always run into the same problem with the bar soap.  The problem is, what the heck am I supposed to do with that last little bit of soap?

(totally sick illustrations, right?  I know.  Me and Paint can rock the house.  Okay, sorry, I’m done now)

I mean, yes, technically it is small enough that I could throw it away but I’d still feel bad for wasting soap.  If I had a proper soap dish in my shower, it would be one thing.  Okay, fine, yes, I do HAVE one but I never use it, I just use my shower caddy, you know, the kind with the iron racks that can hold a full bar of soap with no problem but can’t seem to contain the little guy.  Anyway, if I USED a proper soap dish, it would be no problem to use this soap until there was just absolutely nothing left of it.  But since I don’t use the proper soap dish and instead use the caddy, then that stupid little  piece of soap slips and falls and if I’m not paying attention will slide right down the drain while I’m rinsing the shampoo out of my eyes and thinking “well, I may have just sudsed my eyes, but at least the soap is back where it belongs.” (Note: I don’t actually think about my soap placement in the shower.  I think about more important stuff.  Like what I’m having for lunch.  Or trying to remember all of the words to the “Schools on Demand” song in the commercial, which by the way, is the most annoying song ever).

But I guess the point in this post (since when I do I feel like I need to have a point?) is this:

What do I DO with that last little bit?

My “doesn’t live in NYC and shop at overpriced Gristede’s or Duane Reade anymore” side says just toss it.  My “time to be a responsible housewife who isn’t wasteful and keeps track of what we’re spending” side says I absolutely MUST use that little piece of soap.

But don’t be surprised if it “accidentally” slides down the drain while I’m rinsing the shampoo out of my eyes.



Editor’s note: While typing this, I wrote “saop” the first time around 9 times out of 10.  For whatever reason, “soap” is awkward to type.  It’s like your fingers just don’t want to do it.  Or there’s some weird disconnect with the brain.  Seriously.  Try typing it if you don’t believe me.*


*I just asked for any comments on this post to be the word “soap,” didn’t I?  Aw nuts.


10 thoughts on “So what do I do with that last little bit?

  1. At our house, the little sliver sometimes just gets stuck to the new bar , it just morphs into a whole new odd-shaped bar of soap…I would like to think it is because we aren’t wasteful, but I know that it is really because we are lazy

  2. i throw it out. M swears we can stick it to the new bar but it just keeps falling off so i get fed up and just toss it.
    maybe you can save the slivers and make them into some sort of super-bar

  3. Soap. Yes, you did. Hmmm. Maybe if I typed it a whole lot?

    soap soap soap.

    Nope. Just you. ^_^

    I have the same wee bit of soap issue. Drives me insane. I usually pawn it off into my husband’s soap dish, and I get a new bar. :P

    I’m uber picky about the soap I use. He uses an el cheapo kind.

  4. Haha! Well, I don’t generally use soap myself – I like it when its perfect and untouched, the second its a bit used and misshapen looking I don’t like it anymore. Shallow? Moi? Anyway, I would just toss it, no guilt, just relief that it’s gone and I can be justified in putting out a brand new, perfect looking bar!

  5. soap soap soap

    Nah, easy to type.

    So, I don’t have the EXACT same issue, but I similarly get down to that last little bit of soap and find issues holding. So I get a new bar of soap, lather it up, and try to stick the little soap to the big one.

    Hahaha. Weren’t expecting that, huh? I don’t like being wasteful if I don’t have to be.

  6. I usually throw it out, HOWEVER I learned that if your NEW bar of soap is wet enough, that sliver can easily form into the new bar – thus not having any waste!

  7. i just get a new bar of soap and mould the small bit to the top of it. A couple of showers in and you don’t even notice it.
    And the cycle continues.

  8. M.O.L.: Hey if lazy can translate into thrify, I’d run with it!

    NSJ: That’s it, from now on, I’m buying all of my soap in different colors so that when I form the super bar it will look really awesome.

    Heather: You’re lucky, I have no one to pawn my soap off on, I’m the sole soap user. Hubs is a body wash kind of guy (um, but really MANLY body wash that smells like lumber yards and is rough and scratchy like steel wool).

    Mermanda: Augh, can’t believe it’s just me!

    Paula: Well I will admit, there is definitely something lovely about a perfectly fresh new bar of soap!

    MinD/Lauren/Kez: I’m totally gonna try molding the bars next time!

    Jessica: It’s barely even useful when it’s that tiny!

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