SLAT, or a show for teenagers that says “sex” 42 times in one hour

Last night was the Season 3 premiere of ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager, a show about a naive teen who gets knocked up at band camp by the bad ass older drummer.  Another Brenda Hampton show, when SLAT premiered I wondered how 7th Heaven it would seem.  As it turns out, not a lot.

The last roommate and I used to watch this show.  It’s on my list of guilty pleasure ABC Family shows (a list that stems back to 2005’s Beautiful People and included Wildfire and Greek and of course the new Make It Or Break It–DON’T JUDGE ME!)

Anyway, while I realize that this is a show geared towards teenagers I can’t help but watch it.  There is something about the typical teenage reactions and awkward dialogue and–wait, while we’re on the dialogue….

Sex.  Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.  That is a typical sentence on this show.  On this show that is geared towards teenagers.  In a typical conversation between any of the characters really, you can hear the word “sex” uttered a minimum of 5 times.  It got so noticeable that the roommate and I decided that a SLAT sex count was in order.  Our highest number in an episode is 42 (for the record, last night’s episode count was 39).  That’s right, these young little actors can say “sex” 42 times in an hour long episode.  In a hour long show, which really is only like 45 minutes after you account for the commercial times the word “sex” was said 42 times.  That is almost once per minute!

Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with that.  But normally I would be watching the CW or something a little more…adult.

Is it just me that finds this weird?  It is just me that finds it a bad sign that a show geared towards kids ages 14-18ish is promoting oral sex and masturbation?  Really.  They really suggested that as an alternative in last night’s episode.  And they didn’t dance around it they came right out and said it.  Am I just a prude?

Or maybe, am I normal to find this abnormal?  Am I normal because I’m worried about the fact that my innocent little 14-year-old cousin, who should be focusing on having fun with her friends and wondering when she’ll have her first kiss, could flip this show on and suddenly feel she’s out of the loop because she hasn’t had sex yet?

Maybe this is my old age showing.  Maybe I will now spend all of time starting stories with “back in my day.”  And maybe I don’t care.  Because back in my day, it was hard enough to be a teenager and I can’t help but feel bad for teenagers today.


14 thoughts on “SLAT, or a show for teenagers that says “sex” 42 times in one hour

  1. I’ve never actually heard of this show but the idea of it doesn’t sit well with me either. When I look at teen shows now I’m pretty shocked with how much they glamourise having sex young. But perhaps that’s just because I WASN’T having sex in high school!

  2. I was sitting at the computer last night and not payin attention to the show. I was given the count at each commercial break. It was far from what I heard. This, in my opion, seems to be a not so subtle subliminal messaging of sorts. Scary that even though I wasn’t listening I heard “sex” way more than it registered.

  3. it’s not just this show, it’s ALL OVER the place! i mean i lump this in with the nudie photo trend… it’s very disturbing.
    even cartoons deal with stuff that they never used to and i’m with you on all this. it’s just not right.
    yeesh, kids today

  4. I know what you mean. Back in my day (oh, Jesus-Puffs, I’m doing it, too…) we all wore sweatsuits and oversized glasses in our tween years. Who the hell would have sex with us?

    Even tied up in the janitor’s closet.

    I mean… uh…

  5. Paula: It’s terrible, sex is rampant on TV today. Now that I’ve started watching the original 90210 I can see why my parents vetoed me watching it when I was growing up–there’s tons of high school sex of that show too!

    Boo: It’s totally freaky!

    NSJ: Ugh, you’re right. I mean, hey there Vanessa Hudgens, didn’t you learn the first time around about the nudie photos? Also, why were you taking nudie pics when you were 17?!

    Mr. Apron: Hm…yeah, I’m pretty sure I may have still had oversized glasses as a tween.

    cavy: SUCH a good show…ugh, why did they cancel!?

    Meg: Oh yeah, her voice is all sultry and she’s like, 14. It’s totally awkward.

    Kez: No way, I say we aren’t prude at all! We’re sensible!

  6. HAHA, well- I cant say that I’ve seen the show- but when I was a teenager, I’m sure I said sex at least 42 times in an hour.

    or at least thought about it. So you cant knock them for accuracy. Sometimes we forget how important sex was to us when we were that age.

  7. Um…

    I kinda watched Make It or Break It this week, and I’ll probably watch it again. I’ll just say it’s because there are hot girls in leotards, and not because of the drama.

  8. You are NOT a prude. Or maybe we both are. Nothing is sacred anymore. Seriously.

    I remember being disgruntled in high school when a tampon commercial came on while my boyfriend was over.

    Now they’re giving tutorials on oral to troubled teens?! Great.

  9. Matt: I’ve gotta say, that sounds like a guy thing to me!

    WildARSChase: Uh huh….sure. The “leotards.”

    Heather: My childhood gfs and I were just talking about being COMPLETELY SCANDALIZED when, in 8th grade, this kid pulled a condom out of his wallet on the bus.

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