If only I were still so persuasive

This weekend’s snow was kind of awesome.

And then we had to shovel out the cars.

This is the type of thing that you just don’t think about as a little kid.  On Saturday, Boo and I went out to play in the snow and were kind of disappointed to find out that it wasn’t good packing snow.  That meant no snowmen and no snowballs.  To be honest, it was kind of a huge bummer.

And then we had to shovel out the cars.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny and the perfect time to dig out our cars.  Two cars, by the way, are a great idea until you have to dig them both out of their parking spots.  But thankfully the snow was still light, fluffy and non-packable.  As it turns out, that is the perfect type of snow to deal with when you’re shoveling your car.  I was using a neighbor’s push-broom style snow brush to get the snow off my roof and all I could think about was shoveling the driveway as a little kid.  My driveway is practically vertical which makes it a huuuuuge pain to shovel.  You get this great groove going, it’s all downhill, gravity is on your side and then OOOMPH!  You get the handle of the shovel straight in your gut because with all that downhill momentum you forgot that the driveway isn’t totally smooth and that the seams in the driveway are more like ENOURMOUS (1/4″ wide) divets when shoveling.

When I was younger, I usually had the honor of shoveling the driveway.  Since I’m 5 years younger than my brother he was usually struggling to wake up in time to catch the bus while I still had hours until I had to be at school.  It was a snowy morning during a year like this, when the timing was such that my brother was on a 6:40 bus (barely) and I wasn’t leaving the house for another 2 hours, that as soon as it was light out, my parents bundled me up, handed me the shovel and sent me outside.  By the time I got outside the neighborhood boys were out waiting for their middle school bus.

Now I’m not sure what I said or what I did, but the next time my parents checked on my progress they saw me standing at the top of the driveway, supervising, and the boys were pushing the shovels up and down the driveway.  A few minutes later I strolled into the house looking for a cup of hot chocolate for all my hard work.  And I got it.  Because as shocked as they were that I had conned the neighbors into shoveling, they were impressed.

If only I still had such powers of persuasion.


6 thoughts on “If only I were still so persuasive

  1. oh man, there’s nothing worse than the snow shovel handle in your chest or stomach. ugh.

    for me it was the first time i got to use the snowblower… i remember i was wearing cabbage patch head earmuffs! i guess that was long before you weren’t supposed to let kids use machines with blades just because they were tall enough to operate it.

  2. You need to remember what magic you worked on those boys! That can come in handy in so many different situations!

    Lucky I never had to shovel snow because it rarely snows here. Thank. Goodness.

  3. NSJ: I guess that’s also the age where you don’t fear things like whirring blades. I kind of miss being young.

    Meg: Trust me, I’m doing everything I can to remember! I’m thinking it was just that I looked so intimidating in my little pink snowsuit!

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