A post about pee, inspired by the one and only QOFE

So now that I’m finally getting back on my game (I shouldn’t type this b/c you KNOW that means I won’t be back for another month…whoops!) I have something I’ve been meaning to say and Crissy’s poll yesterday gave me the push to write it.

Peeing in the shower.

I have to say this is the grossest thing I can think of.  Peeing in the ocean?  Cool with me, just stand far away from me.  But a shower?  Aw hellllll no.

My shower routine has always been as follows:

  • Enter bathroom
  • Take off clothes
  • Pee
  • Get into shower

That 3rd step there?  Pee?  That one only takes 30 seconds!  So why are you skipping it?  Is it a timing issue?  Is it for the environment?  Skip the TP then, fine with me.  And you can always follow the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” philosophy and save your pre-shower flush for later in the morning.  But please, for the love of all that is good and right and CLEAN in this world, don’t pee in the shower!!!

I’ve mentioned this before but I feel it bears repeating.  My junior year in college I lived with 4 other girls.  5 girs, 2 bathrooms.  And I was sharing a bathroom with the Monica Gellar of the apartment so I thought I was safe.  Then one day 2nd semester after one girl went off to her semester in Spain and I’d moved to the other bedroom/bathroom I found out that the clean freak had been peeing in the shower!!!  With NO warning to her fellow roommates!  How is that okay?!  Her “excuse” was that she did it while she was washing her hair and so the soap rinsed it out.

Oh, what, that’s not a problem for you?

Have you seen Ellen’s hair?

image via instyle.com

Or Sienna Miller’s?

image via instyle.com

Or perhaps Kate Gosselin’s ‘do?

image via instyle.com

Now do you see the issue?!  How much soap can hair like that use?!  There is no way shampooing a cut like that could produce enough suds to sufficiently rinse out pee!!  Especially from a college shower that never drains quite as quickly as it should.

I went through an entire semester getting into a pee-filled shower.  That was 4 months of pee-tainted showers.  And worse…baths.  *Shudders*  Are you kidding me?  You didn’t warn me that you were using my tub as a toilet?!  Oh noooo!  No no no no no!  That is sooooo not okay.

There are things I can see doing in the shower.  Brushing your teeth.  Combing your hair.  But answering nature’s call?  Noooo way.

You know–I’ll even give a pass to single people who aren’t sharing a bathroom.  If you can feel clean after your shower even though you just drained your tank in it, more power to you.  But the second you get a roommate, spouse, pet–cut it out!  Because seriously?



15 thoughts on “A post about pee, inspired by the one and only QOFE

  1. Peeing in the shower is soooo not acceptable. Unless you are the only person who uses the shower. And even then . . . i’d still judge you.

    Still giggling at Ken’s comment though…

  2. hahaha
    i have a major problem with brushing teeth in the shower, i think that might be more disgusting to me.
    oh, and when i was living in a dorm i used to shower barefoot until i developed some sort of fungus, i assume it was from others peeing in the shower though i never bothered to ask… i just started showering with flip flops on.

  3. Ken: Oooh, no thank you.

    Paula: Yeah, I’m with you on that one.

    NSJ: WHAAAAT?! You went barefoot into the dorm showers?! Dang girl, that’s ballsy! I never went within 4 feet of the showers sans flip flops haha!

  4. You don’t even know how glad I am right now to never have experienced a dorm shower setting. GROSS! Even the showers at the swimming pool freak me out. And I’m wearing a bathing suit!

  5. As a man who has had his own bathroom for quite some time (before being married)…wow that’s pretty gross. I have/would/will never pee in the shower. Not only because it’s gross…I value my life.

    I mean…I love you Dear!

  6. miss.chief: I think it’s safe to be squeamish about the pool shower too. Basically all public bathing is kind of questionable if you ask me.

    Boo: And this is why I married you.

  7. I remember the South Park episode of Cartman in the swimming pool with the little kids, and him trying to swim around the yellow circles that showed up around all of them. Yea, public pools probably worse than the showers.

  8. Joe: I just like to think that the chlorine kills the gross factor. I know it doesn’t, but otherwise, I’d never get to go swimming.

    Meg: Hey, that’s completely valid, I wouldn’t brush my teeth in the shower either.

  9. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I’ll say it – I occasionally pee in the shower.
    I’ve never understood why people are freaked out about it. There is alllll kinds of dirt on your body that is cleaned off in the shower. That, and I’m just not grossed out by much – except eyeballs. Ew.
    Finally, urine is 95% water. Thank you, wikipedia.

  10. THANK YOU! So FINALLY I find someone that sees it like me. EVERYONE that I told when I found this out last December as well online said it was “perfectly, normal and stop freaking out.” I thought maybe I was the only one who found it gross. Thank you! I can’t stand when people don’t follow good hygiene and literally release their body fluids into the shower. Courtesy people! The fact of the matter is, though urine is sterile, it’s still your body fluid and I don’t want to bathe in it thank you very much. They wouldn’t be saying the same thing if they said, Llet’s share panties…I mean come on…it’s just a pair of cotton panties with my icky fluids on there.” Seriously people, the toliet is less than a feet from you. Do it there. It’s where it belongs in the first place. I have the same policy for doing it in the ocean/pool because though fish pee in there…fish have no where else to go. Mankind built toliets for a reason so why not use it? I’ve done my business anywhere but the toliet since I was potty trained so it’s not hard.

  11. *Sorry I meant to say, “I’ve *NEVER done my business anywhere but the toliet since I was potty trained so it’s not hard.” Typo error.

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