Seriously?? We’re counting down the Christmas countdowns?! Stop the madness!

As a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I find myself on ABC Family at least once a day catching the reruns.  Unfortunately though, while I’m there, I’m subjected to ABC Family’s commercials.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  They’d be promoting some stupid movie and as we all know, me likey the stupid movies.  But now–no such luck.

Currently on ABC Family they are advertising the Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas.  Are you following me here?  They are counting down their own countdown.  And how are they celebrating this countdown to the countdown?  By showing Christmas movies.  They are debuting their NEW Christmas movies too, not just showing us last season’s crap (however I wouldn’t say “no” to an early showing of Holiday in Handcuffs.  Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez and all the trashtastic movie features you could hope for in a made-for-TV holiday movie).

I am fully on board with the 25 Days of Christmas.  I happen to love the idea of 25 days of Christmas movies and shows.  If they would actually AIR Christmas specials (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas) instead of trying to pass off The Chronicles of Narnia and The Harry Potter movies as Christmas specials just because they have SNOW in them it would be even better, but still, I can’t complain too much.  I am all for the holly and the jolly.  I just prefer my holly and my jolly be seasonally timed.  As if I needed to tell you guys that.

I just cannot figure this out.  I am CONCERNED for the future generations.  This is clearly a phenomenon that is not ending anytime soon.  If you didn’t click on any of those links in the last paragraph, all you missed were my  previous posts on the subject.  2 years worth of gripings about Christmas displays 6 months too early and trees lit in living rooms while Trick-or-Treaters ring the doorbell.  But with the displays starting earlier and earlier each year, where does that leave us in a few years?  Will it just be socially acceptable to leave the lights up all year?  (Well…to be honest, I wouldn’t hate that–it would make life so much easier.  I mean, not for me because I’m not the one who would actually be hanging the lights, but I’m, um, looking out for Boo).  Will we be putting the lawn reindeer out in April or will that just confuse things during the Easter egg hunt?

Oh, wait, you know what?  I’m going to have to cut this short.  I just realized that we’re about 4 months away from Valentine’s Day so I should probably start counting down.


5 thoughts on “Seriously?? We’re counting down the Christmas countdowns?! Stop the madness!

  1. I saw a house last Saturday night with the Christmas lights on, including ALL the trees on the front lawn…I feel your pain on this one!

  2. i hear ya! what really pisses me off is that the second the trick-or-treaters stop ringing the doorbell every industry is all IT’S CHRISTMAS BITCHES!
    and then by the time it’s 12/23 you can’t find Christmas stuff, especially on TV. heaven forbid anyone actually SHOWS christmas movies (like you said)! i mean what are my nieces going to think Christmas movies are??
    i know my kids will know, i’ve got enough on DVD that they’ll see the classics like White Christmas, the Griswolds, and Ralphie but also get some of my newer favorites (any Elf fans out there?) all the way through Christmas dinner.
    i can’t say i’ve watched those ABC Family movies… but i might have to start…

  3. I think the whole countdown thing is just wrong! It only serves to remind me how unprepared I am for Christmas every year!

    Also, what’s with TV networks showing movies at Christmas, calling them Christmas movies just because at some point in the movie someone mentions Christmas even though it has nothing to do with the overall plot or message of the film!

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