Saying goodbye to my SSB

In exactly one month, I’m getting married.  I’m living with someone.  Someone who is around all. the. time.  And I’m excited!!  Unfortunately though, this means that I’m finally going to have to bid farewell to my single self behavior.  Granted Boo has witnessed most of my SSB, but there are still some elements that I’ve kept hidden.  So, you know, I’m going to publish them all over the internet.

1. Keeping the TV on all night.

I know that this is like, really bad for the environment and for my electric bill and all kinds of stuff, but some nights I just really like leaving the TV on all night.  I like that when I wake up at 2am to go to the bathroom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is on.  I like that if I’ve had a bad dream and am all freaked out The Nanny is already there to make me forget about it.  (And yeah, I DO watch Nick @ Nite).  This SSB especially makes me feel better when I’m sick.  If I have a cold I wake up hourly throughout the night and it’s really nice to have something on in the background.

2. Falling asleep to Friends.

On the nights when I don’t treat myself to #1, and when there is nothing good on and I can’t fall asleep, I put in one of my Friends DVDs.  Problem with this is that I will watch about 5 minutes of an episode, pass out and then the rest of the DVD will play until my sleep timer turns the TV off.  The next time I fall asleep to Friends I hit play and start where I left off.  Which means that the same episodes play until my timer shuts the TV off.  But if Boo falls asleep after me, that means he’ll be watching the same episodes night after night, until I finally see them all and switch discs.

3. Marathon sleep sessions.

I haven’t really had many of these since college but man, this is one of my favorite things to do.  There was one night, freshman year, where I fell asleep around 6pm and woke up for good around noon the next day.  A full 18 hours.  And there is nothing that is a bigger waste of time than sleeping for nearly an entire day but damn, I love spending a day like.

4. Spending all day in my PJs–and not showering.

Yeah, this probably relates back to #3, but there are some weekends when there is nothing I feel like doing.  Gym?  Exercise?  HA!  Not likely.  Shopping?  Yeah, normally, but it’s too cold/too hot/too rainy outside.  So what do I end up doing?  I end up spending the whole day loafing on the couch, watching TV and not getting dressed.  And not showering.  And that’s kind of gross.  And something I probably shouldn’t admit as a girl.  But you know what, there are some days when a shower just isn’t on my to-do list.

5. Eating the same thing for dinner 3 nights in a row.

Pasta is like my life-blood.  I could eat pasta every night.  In fact, I usually DO eat pasta every night (pre-wedding diet? What’s that?).  I could eat pasta w/Italian dressing and feta cheese every night for a week but something tells me that Boo won’t be down with that plan.

6. Not cleaning my room for months at a time then having a massive cleaning spree.

I like order.  I like things to be clean.  But my bedroom?  Well, it perpetually looks as though my closest has thrown up.  The kitchen is clean.  The bathroom is clean.  The bedroom has it’s own sense of disorder.  Organized chaos.  It’s clutter that I happen to like.  Boo, on the other hand, hates the clutter.  And I don’t blame him.  But I’ve spent years with my clutter.  I like my piles of crap.  The bills are in that corner of the room.  The laundry is in that corner of the room.  Everything is essentially right where I need it.  Mostly.  I just need to dig a little.

7. Eating peanut butter out of the jar.

This SSB is probably not exclusive to me, but I love to sit down with a jar of Jiff and a spoon.  While Boo and I don’t skeeve each other, I’m pretty sure it’s not okay to share a jar of peanut butter that one of us has been eating out of.

8. Midnight snacking in bed.

This one is legitimate!  It’s medical!  B/c I have acid reflux, if I don’t eat enough for dinner, or if I eat something that’s not super filling, then I’ll wake up at 3am and be STARVING.  So hungry, in fact, that I can’t sleep.  So I’ll grab some snack foods, pretzels or whatever, and head back to bed.  What?  I’m going to stand in the kitchen and eat until that “acid burning away my stomach lining” feeling goes away?  Not likely.

9. Buying underwear like it’s going out of style.

The Victoria’s Secret free panty just adds to this problem.  I recently read an article that said you should own 10 pairs of your favorite classic cut of undies and then have a few “fancy” pairs.  I just unpacked an entire duffel bag full of underwear.  When I’ve had a REALLY bad day, I can always pop into Vicki’s, pick out 5 cute little somethings to make me feel better, and walk away having only spent $25.  I can count on that same 5 for $25 after a really bad shopping day.  You know, the type where the credit card is burning a whole in your pocket and your closet is taunting you with all of your ill-fitting (pasta every night doesn’t help the waistline) jeans and you look EVERYWHERE and still can’t find ONE SINGLE PAIR OF JEANS and you just. need. to. buy. SOMETHING.  Hello Vicki’s!

But maybe October 23 doesn’t need to be the end of all of this.   Maybe we’ll buy 2 jars of peanut butter (after all, what else is my label-maker for?).  Maybe Boo will be down with midnight snacking.  And the cleaning thing?  Well, if I confine my clutter to my desk, maybe he’ll let it slide.

But if not, I’d gladly trade in all my SSBs to spend the rest of my life with the best guy I know.


10 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to my SSB

  1. haha, i love that we’re twins! totally TWINS! except you’ve got real boobs.

    but anyway i have comments for all of this… of course…
    #1 – heaven help Boo if he can’t sleep with the TV on all night, i go through this when my mom stays with me
    #2 – i used to ALWAYS fall asleep to Will & Grace (with the sleep timer on) until i moved in with M… now i have to watch it in another room if i want to stay up late
    #3 – yes, best thing in the world
    #4 – okay, i take back #3… THIS is the best thing in the world! i work from home… i only shower and change around 6pm if i need to run errands… all other days there will be no showering or putting on clothes. what a waste both would be.
    #6 – yes, i get you. but i hope Boo is down with this. because M is not. it drives him INSANE! you can see clearly where my side of the room is at all times… what’s even worse is i do my best cleaning starting at 11pm… my poor husband
    #8 – i would wrap you on the knuckles for this. STOP THAT! seriously i’ve paid a TON of money to learn that eating small amounts throughout the day is what you need to do… and you shouldn’t lie down until about 3hrs after eating! your stomach is going to fall out!!
    #9 – i hate Vicki’s but i also horde undies… except i’m obsessed with Calvin Klein (bras too)… oh and Macy*s has this new label called Luleh that i LOVE LOVE LOVE

    – end of long comment –

  2. And this is exactly why I slightly worry about the boyfriend moving in. Especially because he works overnight, I work during the day. So there goes blasting the stereo while I clean on Friday mornings – because he’ll be sleeping – or blow drying my hair in my own bedroom.

    Oy, normal stuff and I’m already worrying. Eep!

  3. NSJ: Yeah, I’ve totally been taking advantage of #4 this week. I don’t open the closet until 5:30!

    miss.chief: It is totally comforting. Something about watching familiar stuff–it’s lulling!

    MinD: Ugh, don’t remind me about the hair dryer situation–I still haven’t figured out a solution to that!

    Paula: Haha enjoy it now! (And sneak some of your SSBs in later when they aren’t looking…that’s my plan!)

  4. You crack me up :)
    I think Boo will love that you always buy nice underwear…
    And meh, you can eat peanut butter out of the jar – you’ve both shared enough germs and stuff (won’t specify what “stuff” is but basically you guys probably can’t get any closer).

    I get the best of both worlds because the hubby is away for work every second week. During that time I eat Nutella out of the container in spoonfuls, have the same meal 3 nights in a row and buy takeout more than I’d like to admit.
    I also leave my clothes all over the floor (until I wake up the day he’s due home and I panic and throw it all in the washing basket haha).

    Have fun living together – your SSBs will come back out – don’t you worry – it comes with the comfort of living with your soulmate ;)

  5. Don’t worry Dear, I will deal with most of these, if not all with a couple of amendments :-D

    1.) Heaven help me yes NSJ, but I’m getting used to it, and plus…when she falls asleep 5 minutes in I normally don’t let the sleep timer kick in. Sssshhh!

    2.) I may or may not like Friends a whole lot more than I used too…

    3.) I love a good sleep, but Hunny, if you hit the 12 hour mark, I’m waking your cute little butt up!

    4.) Not really sure what to say here. I’m a boy, so showering isn’t ALWAYS a priority..

    5.) I can’t condone this one, but if it’s left overs I’m set for days! Again, the being a boy thing has it’s advantages…

    6.) Trust me babe, if you don’t clean it up, that’s ok! Because I totally will!! You just may not be happy when you can’t find your chapstick…

    7.) I can get on board with the peanut butter out of the jar. Just as long as there is enough to make sandwhiches, this really doesn’t bother me.

    8.) Not entirely opposed to this, I’ve been known to Beer in Bed…

    8.) I shouldn’t have to say, but there could be zero complaints on this end in the future.

  6. The only things I couldn’t deal with are the TV related stuff– I need silence when I sleep. I’m sure he too has some wonderful SSBs to reveal to you very soon :-)

  7. I may or may not have said this before, seeing as I randomly profess my love to practical strangers, but I think I might love/be related to you.

    1/2.) I sleep with a movie on EVERY NIGHT. It’s like a security blanket or something. Nightmare? Midnight potty break? Who needs a pesky nightlight when you have a glowing screen of (not entirely certain this is healthy) comfort.

    My husband? Not such a fan of the flashing. Doesn’t mind the low volume. So, I turn down the brightness, to keep him from developing epileptic fits in his sleep.

    3.) If undisturbed, I could totally sleep about 19 hours. I think I’m part bear or something. My sleep pattern is definitely leaning towards hibernation.

    5.) Pasta > fitting into ANY dress, wedding or otherwise. :P

    9.) You are not alone.

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