Mother Nature, get your shit together

This is a picture of my backyard.  Taken yesterday.  JULY 21.

hail day

That white stuff covering the ground?  Yeah, that’s hail.  In July.  COVERING the ground.  And I live in the northern hemisphere, where it is, theoretically, summer.

And to further prove my point, this is my backyard, 4 hours after that picture was taken:

hail night

8pm.  On the brink of being pitch black.  And the hail still hasn’t melted.  Which means that, in JULY, it was cold enough for hail to remain on the ground for 4 solid hours.

So in case you’ve been feeling like it’s not exactly summer, well, know that you aren’t alone.


12 thoughts on “Mother Nature, get your shit together

  1. NSJ: I would definitely take spring right now w/no complaints!

    miss.chief: My parents can probably send you some if you want, I don’t think it melted yet.

    MinD: Oh yeah, probably should have specified that by MY house I meant my parents…my bad.

    Dingo: Pittsburgh–photos were courtesy of Papa B. And that is precisely why I will not be moving back to Pittsburgh anytime soon. Or, you know, ever. Too damn cold and/or seasonally confused.

  2. andhari: I don’t understand everyone hating the hot weather! I would looooove some heat. A little sun would be nice. Warm sun, warm. Not this deceptive bright and chilly sun either!

  3. Yikes!!!
    Well, now I feel better while I suffer through winter here in Australia!
    I love summer so much that I would be majorly p*ssed if that happened to disrupt my sunshine happiness!

  4. Gah. That’s so weird! It hasn’t hailed here in quite some time, but that stuff is dangerous. I don’t think I have ever seen it during the middle of summer, though. I generally associate it with tornadoes…

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