Finally, someone addressed that whole “the Miss Bliss years were based in Indiana” issue

If you don’t watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (i.e. if you are like me and go to bed waaaaay too early to catch late night TV) then you probably missed this.

But if you are a Saved By The Bell fan (I’m looking at you Andy) then you don’t want to miss this.

Seriously.  Watch this right now.

I am so glad that someone finally addressed the fact that Zack, Screech, Lisa and their principal all moved from Indiana at the same time and ended up at the same school when they got to California.

But, I’ve got to be honest, I was bummed to hear that Zack and Kelly just couldn’t make it work.


11 thoughts on “Finally, someone addressed that whole “the Miss Bliss years were based in Indiana” issue

  1. haha, i saw this on FreckeldK just a bit ago and i was THRILLED! i really had no clue there was a reason to watch late night but now i have to get my TIVO ready as soon as i hear “REUNION!”

    M always likes to point out that he played in a golf tournament with Mr. Belding : )

  2. Amen. “Saved By The Bell” may be the most underrated TV show ever. It was funnier than “60 Minutes,” harder hitting than “Petticoat Junction,” and not nearly as pretentious as “Alf.” And what can I say that hasn’t already been said about Screech — my generation’s Arnold Horshack?

    I know it has been a long time, but the canned laughter still echoes in my heart.

  3. i loved that interview so much. and totally got the miss bliss reference even if i never saw it, my coworker totally told me about a couple months ago, so random.

  4. The best was the serious episode, where Jessi Spano starts doing Adderall or something to study harder, and she freaks out and teaches all of us a lesson about drugs.

  5. I haven’t had the time to watch that clip yet, but I’m dying to. I already told my fiance that he’s going to be Zach Morris for Halloween, and I’m going to be Caffeine Pill Jessie Spano. :)

  6. Sorry to join this convo late, but yes, I definitely saw that, and I’m so glad that’s been addressed. I hope Jimmy can get Lark and Dustin on board so they can do the reunion and satisfy my soul.

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