Um, I may be a bad mother

I forgot to celebrate this blog’s birthday.

That’s right.  The strict shenaniganist turned 2 this Saturday.  And I’m such a bad mother that I forgot to post about it.

But not to worry, I did do a little non-Internet celebrating:

soooo pretty!
soooo pretty!

If you are counting correctly, that is 9 Cole Haan products.  5 purses, 3 wallets and a clutch.  All for less than the retail price of the little green clutch.

Ah, the benefits of employee pricing at sample sales.

So now the shenaniganist is all decked out in fabulous new leather goods.  There was no Cookie Monster cake to celebrate, but I can’t say that I’m feeling like I got the short end of the celebration straw on this one.

Happy 2nd birthday strict shenaniganist!!  And thanks so much to everyone who’s made it a pretty interesting 2 years!


12 thoughts on “Um, I may be a bad mother

  1. M.O.L.: Thanks so much!

    Lauren: Thank you!! And we’ll look into the shopping thing ;)

    Maxie: Thank you!

    NSJ: I have to admit, there are *definite* perks to this industry!

    MinD: Thanks!!

    Kez: Thank you!!

    Matt: Thanks man!

    Erica: Thank you!! As for the sale, you should have seen the people I was with!! B/w us, we were waddling down 5th Ave w/ 13 full shopping bags!!

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