False fire alarm da–wait a minute

I’m experiencing a serious rush of deja vu.  Just last summer I wrote about how the fire alarm in our building was going off incessantly.



I only thought last summer’s whoop whoops were incessant.  Enter this summer.  We bought another floor of our building and are in the process of renovating it to suit our purposes.  This has led to an increase in the number of cockroaches the building has seen and apparently to the weird air conditioning issues we’ve been having in the building.

And now, on top of the weird construction noises (it sounds like they are rolling cement logs around up there–don’t ask me what a cement log is, it just seems that if there WERE such a thing, the noise I’m hearing is the noise they would make), it seems that the ENTIRE building is undergoing fire alarm tests.  And has been for the past week.  What does this mean for me?  It means that I’ve been at work for about 2 hours now and the alarms have gone off about 9 times.  The whooping, which if you didn’t click the link I will remind you sounds like an air-raid siren.  And the strobe.  The freaking strobe.

Thank goodness I don’t suffer from epilepsy or take some really trippy drugs.  As it is, I spend hour after hour at my desk, under the harsh fluorescent lights, dealing with the effects of that.  And now I get to add an impossibly bright strobe that lasts for minutes at a time.  The strobe has gone off so many times this morning that I, and I’m being 100% honest and not exaggerating this for the sake of something interesting to say, can’t tell if the strobe is actually going off right now or not.  There just seems to always be this flash effect going on.  And it doesn’t help that my desk faces our photo room and they’re doing a shoot in there and it may very well be that that is the flash I think I’m seeing.

But building?  I’m gonna go ahead and say it.  The fire alarm works.  I don’t think you need to test it anymore.

Although this is a process that could drag on for many, many more days.  How do I know?  When I walked into the building this morning, the geniuses with the lap tops and the wires who are supposedly testing this thing out were saying “oh, well it’s much better now.  I remember how it was during the Great Depression.”  Which would have been fine if the guy who said that was upwards of 80.  But he was 26.  Max.

I think given the combination of a few too many wire shocks and that perpetually blinking strobe, our only hope of ending this testing is…well…I don’t anticipate an end any time soon.


4 thoughts on “False fire alarm da–wait a minute

  1. if i’m not mistaken they have to test it every time they rewire something… ANYTHING! that way they don’t get all the way done and realize it doesn’t work but have no clue where along the lines it stopped working. not that it helps you but it makes a bit of sense at least.
    i may have also made that up.

    i recommend earphones or running around your floor each time it goes off screaming “GET OUT! GET OUT! FIRE FIRE FIRE!”
    : )

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