The Today Show Recap

*Skimmers (aka if you aren’t interested in the whole rundown of the day) should skip to the bottom for the picture/video.

Yesterday morning, I woke up, rolled over, looked at my clock and saw 4:32am.  Just one minute until my alarm was set to go off.

I got out of bed, threw on some comfy clothes and some concealer (b/c you KNOW I wasn’t showing up to The Today Show with NO makeup on) and made my way, zombie-style, down to the lobby of my building.  5:15, right on time.  The car that was scheduled to pick me up, however, was nowhere in sight.  Around 5:30 I started getting worried and called the stylist who called the publicist who called the producer who called the car service who eventually called me and by 5:45 I was in the car on my way to the studio.

We were set up in a makeshift green room.  It was actually just a big red curtain around some chairs and food (all I really need in life–a place to sit and something to eat!).  The Huxtables were in the green room.  All of the Huxtables.

We threw on our “before” outfits and headed up to the studio for the shoot.  Stand, smile, try to ignore how hideous you really look in that big muumuu.

After our shoot we were waiting for the elevator and Matt Lauer slid past us into wardrobe.  And yes, he’s pretty hunky in real life.  And no, surprisingly, not that tall.

So downstairs we got into hair and makeup which was a much longer process than necessary b/c we kept getting bumped, for example, by the scuba family who lost their boat and got rescued by some other sea-faring folk, but were scheduled to appear in the 7:20 spot–a full 3 hours before us.

When hair and makeup was done we had nothing to do but hang out and wait.  At some point, around 8:30 I think (I was watchless for the whole day and it was killing me!), we headed back up to the studio for our run-through.  They showed us where to stand, where to walk, where to look.  On our way back downstairs we passed Curtis Stone.  And he is, pardon the cooking pun, completely delicious.  He’s also about 6′ 4″.

Back in our little red room we were faced with a bit more down time.  No worries though because by this point it was nothing but Huxtables, in and out of the green room.  First Bill Cosby, then Phylicia Rashad, then Malcolm-Jamal Warner, then Keshia Knight Pulliam and even Raven (girrrrrrrl, she’s looking better than she has in months!  Orange is clearly her color).  So after I fan girl’d the gang for awhile it was time to get dressed for our segment–but not before a field trip to the bathroom.  (Seriously, 4 out of the 5 of us traipsed over there, in various combinations of our own clothes and our “before” outfits).

We ended up right behind some traffic jam to get into the hallway with the bathrooms.  After the commotion cleared we saw that we were following Bill Cosby through a door that was held open by Allison Janney (who I swear looks 10 years younger in person and is really sweet!!)

So Bill–that just doesn’t sound right–so Bill Cosby (and yes I will continue to first and last name him for the duration of the post) heads into the bathroom and we’re all forced to wait.  When he came out (it wasn’t more than 2 minutes later), Nikka (the “hippy” girl) headed in after him and he looked at her and said “were you waiting?” She said yes and scampered into the bathroom.  Then he looked at me and said “and you too?” And I squeaked a “yes” like a little dork and then Kimmie “small bust” said “look at the line you caused!” And Bill Cosby was like “oh man, if I’d have known I’d have hurried up!  I just took my time, I was making sandwiches….” And we all just laughed b/c, well, A) he’s funny and B) what else were we gonna do?

Okay, so finally we’re ready to go upstairs.  While we’re waiting for the elevator we see a TV with Mayor Bloomberg holding some press conference.  No good can come from that.

We get upstairs, do our segment and it’s over before we have a chance to get nervous.  Unfortunately, Bloomberg pre-empted us.  By the time we got downstairs half the girls had texts saying their friends hadn’t seem them.  It was Bloomberg for a bit and then Kathie Lee and Hoda were back with Curtis Stone.

But who can be bummed?  Everyone outside of NYC still saw us.  And thanks to the wonders of the Internet, everyone in NYC can see it too.

Right here:

I’m not embedding the link b/c I just don’t feel like and I’m not embedding the video b/c quite frankly I’m not sure I can since it’s not on youtube  (and to clarify, by “can” I mean, I just don’t know how to).

So there it is–my big TV appearance (I’d say debut, but that was actually when I was about 7 years-old.  I was the center candle in a chorus of kids singing “This Little Light of Mine” for the Billy Graham Kids Crusade).

I shall now always be known as the “large bust.”

Today Show


17 thoughts on “The Today Show Recap

  1. that should be your new FB profile picture, your smiling face with your subtitle “Large Bust”

    okay, where to start with the rest… um, Matt & Curtis have been known to be the victim of my serious crushes, glad to hear they would be in real life too and they’re not just TV dreamy
    and the Cosbys, i was kinda disappointed with the segment on them and the lack of cast present – and who know Keisha became such a knockout? i thought for sure she was bound to be one of those cute kids who grows up to be hella un-pretty (what’s she been doing for 17 years anyway??)

    so exciting that you were on the show though… i totally want the experience of having the Today Show do my hair & makeup! (even though they’ve made some serious mistakes on Natalie some mornings)

  2. Bahah – I love that they really did give you the title of “Large Bust.” Fantastic. That dress was super cute, though. I hope you got to keep it. And I really hope you burned the muumuu. Because, really, it was not good.

    But that’s awesome that you were on TV! The clip was great, even if all of NY didn’t get to see it. :)

  3. okay that is so incredibly awesome. 1. i love curtis stone. i may have melted if i saw him then asked him to come to my house and cook me something. 2. yay for the cosby’s! and 3. i seriously must have just missed your segment but i’m glad you linked it. and congrats on the tv debut! quite a way to make it!

    so fun!

  4. Hey Busty, what a great dress? Did they let you keep it like they do all the big stars? Oh, and I’m so glad they didn’t straighten your curly hair.

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