The NY List

I’ve only got a few more months as an official NYC resident.  And you know what?  I’ve still got a surprising amount of shit that I want to do before I leave.

The problem with living in this city is that this “tourist attraction” is just your home.  Friends in other cities are all, “what’d you do this weekend?  Statue of Liberty?  The Met?” And you’re all “no, dude, I slept till 11, made a really greasy breakfast, took a nap, and then watched a movie b/c it was raining and I didn’t want to go outside.”  Because that is what you would do if you lived anywhere else.  But when you live in New York City people expect that you spend every weekend touring museums and eating at fabulous restaurants (which, in all fairness, is kind of true–even the crappy delis have some of the best sandwiches you’ve ever eaten).

That said, there is still a lot of stuff I need to do before I move.  A lot of stuff that, because I alternate my weekends b/w New York and CT, I haven’t gotten to yet.  I have done some stuff though.

I’ve seen the Rock Tree (TWO YEARS IN A ROW!) and been ice skating at the Natural History Museum.

I’ve seen David Blaine at Central Park.  I’ve seen Brooke Shields in SoHo.  I’ve shared a cab w/a Law & Order regular extra (you know the type I’m talking about–they play a killer at least once a season).

I’ve been to Chinatown and Brooklyn.  I’ve been to all of the villages.  I’ve hung out on the Upper West Side.  I’ve been to the Met. I’ve seen at least 3 shows on Broadway.

I’ve sunned myself in Central Park and had Sunday brunch on the sidewalks in front of some of my favorite cafes.

I’ve made friends with my doorman and half the staff at my regular breakfast joint.  I’ve run into old friends on subways and at airports (proving that this city really is just a really big small town).

But I still have a lot to do.  I decided to compile a list so I wouldn’t forget everything I wanted to get done before I packed up and headed to…um…someplace that Boo and I have yet to figure out.

  • Have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.
  • See the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island (and find my family’s name!).
  • Check out the view from the top of the Empire State Building.
  • Visit Ground Zero.  I know it’s not really what it was but I can’t live here and NOT see it.  Boo saw it last year w/his brother so I need to make sure I see it too.
  • Have my caricature drawn at Times Square.
  • Go on the Double Decker Bus Tour.
  • Buy something at Bloomingdale’s or Bendel’s.
  • Go to a ballet (but somehow I feel we missed ballet season this year…whoops!).
  • Visit the Bronx Zoo.
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens.
  • Hit up either the MoMA or the Guggenheim.

I know, I know.  It’s a super touristy list.  It’s all the stuff that non-New Yorkers think we do EVERY weekend.  But just b/c it’s touristy doesn’t mean I don’t want to experience it before I leave!

In fact, Boo and I crossed one thing off the list on Saturday:

Carriage Ride at Central Park


On a bummer of a side note, if you are expecting blogger meetup tales, you won’t find them here.  When Boo and I arrived at the bar we had to wait in line for 25 minutes (stupid Bulls/Celtics game).  We texted our whereabouts, never heard anything back and when we made it into Village Pour House it was blogger-less.  Definitely a shame, but Boo and I ran into a friend I haven’t seen since graduation (2 years–whoa!) and we got to visit our favorite UES bar so the night wasn’t a total bust for us.


17 thoughts on “The NY List

  1. My theory – the bloggers gave it a few minutes at the Pour House – then went out and hit all the tourist spots!

  2. Dude that’s a crime, no one should have to wait 25 minutes to get into a bar like the Pourhouse. Also, as an ex-NYC resident I actually feel like I used to do fun touristy things all the time. I didn’t necessarily go to the Moma every weekend but even strolling through Chinatown or having delicious brunch at some well-known NYC restaurant made me feel touristy.

  3. aw, what a bummer (but i’m secretly thrilled because reading about the awesome time everyone else had was not high on my list)

    anyway, i don’t care what Oprah says, frozen hot chocolate is a frosty! you can go to wendy’s and save $7!
    but definitely do all that other stuff, i’ve always been to NYC as a tourist and i’ve done most of this in my life but i’m forcing M to head back up there with me one weekend so he can do all this stuff too.
    … and we keep saying we have to go to the capital (of VA) one day since it really is just down the road but alas, we live here and haven’t quite done it yet. it’s on the list : )

    … ps. may i recommend VA as a new place of residence?

  4. I’m in Orlando, one of the biggest touristy places and I know just how you feel. I never go to Disney or any of the other attractions. Before I move I’m going to have to make a list as well.

    (PS – the view from the Empire State Building is pretty great from what I remember. I actually went there as a local back in the early 90’s)

  5. I am SO sorry about the blogger meetup. We didn’t know there was going to be a cover in the back room (20 bucks) so we had to leave. I’m really sad I missed you :-(

  6. Will (formerly known as the boy) and I would have “downtown dates”. These would be where we do the touristy stuff in Chicago, go to museums and zoos, going to see the Christmas lights on Michigan avenue etc.

    Sometimes you have to be a tourist in your own city. Just not one of those annoying ones who stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

  7. DoD: Oh those damn tourist attractions!

    Arielle: I know, right?! And once inside, I definitely had a fat guy elbow my head (I’d like to grow taller please?) and then apologize by petting me like a dog. Awesome.

    NSJ: Dude, if I can still dip my fries into it, I’ll pay the $7 for the touristy Frosty haha!

    Matt: Bummer indeed. Cell reception isn’t what it used to be. I blame the iPhones (sorry Boo :P)

    Lauren: Ooh, now I want to go to touristy stuff in Florida! I would love to spend a few days in the House of Mouse!

    Maxie: I’m so bummed I didn’t get to meet you! I hope you guys had fun at least!

    Jamie: Oh please, if I ever stop in the middle of my own sidewalk, I want someone to kill me. That is the WORST thing the tourists do!!

  8. I’ve been to NYC several times and always wanted to do soooooo many things … and then all I did was shop. Lame.

    Some day, I hope. Good luck with your list!

  9. I am one of those people who wants to go do all the Sex and the City stuff haha.
    Although I live in a place that could not be further removed from NYC, you are inspiring me to think about experiencing more in my humble home town/capital city.

  10. I always panic when people come to visit because I never know what to do! They think NYC life is all Gossip Girls or Sex in the City but a good night for me is a movie and sleep by 11. So, I feel your pain.

    As for things to do before you leave, you should take one of those sunset cruises around Manhattan. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. LOL of course the non residents will ask such stuff like that. Even I ask my friends who live there, which hot clubs they go tonight. lol.

    I love your city, I wanna visit again in the future.

  12. I’ve never really lived in a city with HUGE tourist attractions (though I did live less than an hour away from New Orleans — that’s my closest encounter with that stuff.) I would still want to do the touristy stuff, I think, but then again, you have to live your life. And waiting in line for that stuff? No fun.

    The MoMA has a Free Friday thing set up for Friday afternoons. I don’t know if they still do it, but I went the last time I was in NYC (hello, tourist) and absolutely loved it. One of my photography professors has work that circulates in there, and that makes me incredibly happy. We spent a lot of the time trying to find Regina’s work.

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