Who’s laughing NOW gym?

In November, after over a year in the city, I joined the gym.  And I actually went to it.  For awhile I spent most of my time on the ellipticals, except for that one time when they were all filled and I had to use the bike.  That night SUCKED.  My butt was so numb by the end of that “workout” (b/c I don’t feel that sitting in a chair and peddling is strenuous) that I decided no more bike.  EVER.

Then, randomly, I bumped into this dude in the elevator who asked me if I had ever taken classes at the gym and who told me he was going to yoga.  I asked him if he’d think it was creepy if I tagged along.  (Yes, I really did say that and while he said “no” everyone else in the elevator was totally thinking “YES!!! RUN AWAY DUDE!”)  So Mike the Fireman and I went to yoga that night.  He never came back but since Boo had gotten me a yoga mat for Christmas I was happy to keep up w/my twice-weekly classes.  Then, in February, they shuffled around the schedule, leaving me with only 1 class that worked for my time frame.  (Yeah, like I’d skip Gossip Girl for the gym…psh!)

I was doing pretty well with the yoga until I threw my back out.  All of the bending and the twisting didn’t seem like the best idea b/c I had no idea what would piss my back off again.  So, while the stretching would have been super helpful, I gave up on the yoga.

I was feeling pretty blah about the whole gym thing.  I was at the point where I just KNEW that the girls who worked the front desk were laughing at me b/c I usually spent a grand total of 25 minutes there.  I felt like the machines themselves were laughing–they just KNEW that I was a slacker.

And then I got engaged.  And I kept getting email reminders (and yes, it’s on the checklist) about my “wedding workouts” and I started to wonder if perhaps now would be a good time to actually do more than spend 25 minutes reading People while on the machines.

So I started with the rowing machine.  I used to dig this machine in college and so I figured I’d try it again.  Guess what?  I still like it.  I can still do it.  So on the workout list it remains.  I’m too short for the pull-up machine (which is actually a shame b/c I really like doing those) and I can barely reach the pull-down bar on the other machine.  Those 2 are out.  But I’m hanging tough with my free weights (3 pounders baby, awww yeah) and I’m rocking out the situps/pushups/leg lifts/activities that I don’t need to be paying money to attend a gym for but do any way b/c I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

Then, after finding out that an old drinking buddy of mine is running in a half-marathon next weekend I thought I’d give running, er, jogging, another try.  Let me just say that I spent 7 years of school with “doctor’s” notes to get me out of the running units.  I even made up songs about how much I hated runnig the mile (and they were set to Hakuna Matata…I was SO cool!).  I have never, not once, EVER in my life run by choice.  I am a firm believer in “don’t run unless you think you’re going to die.”  Granted if my options were ever “run or die” I would start out running and end up dead, so, you know, there’s that.

So there I was, last Thursday night, standing on the treadmill.  I turned it on and upped the speed.  I started walking, got my blood flowing a little and I hit a quarter mile.  I upped the speed a little more and I started to jog.  I jogged for an entire quarter mile.  I did another walk/jog half mile and upped the speed incrementally for both before ending my night with a quarter-mile cooldown.

That’s right.  I jogged a whole half mile.  And no one had to threaten me with anything.

The worst thing about it?

I actually felt good afterward.  I felt like I could possibly do this again.

And last night–I did.

I’m mildly terrified that I may turn into a “runner,” you know, someone who actually ENJOYS panting and sweating and setting the speed on the treadmill faster than 3mph.

But if I can tone the tummy…and the arms…and the legs before the wedding–and if I can do it w/o Jillian Michaels scaring me into it–then I’ll be pretty happy.


14 thoughts on “Who’s laughing NOW gym?

  1. i just recently had to stop saying “i’m going to get into shape before the wedding” and actually get into shape! i feel the same about running, but sometimes i do it on my own. except i can’t use the treadmill, i have to get somewhere so i’m forced to have to run home.
    so i’m back in pilates (which i highly highly recommend to any and everyone, talk about soreness the next day!) and still doing the 100 pushup program and just bought 3lb weights at TJ Maxx ($5 woohoo!) so i’m adding some arnolds and other weird names excercises into my 3 night a week arm routines. i’m starting there and working my way down to things only my future hubby will see… well him and everyone on the beach for our honeymoon week too
    good luck with it! time flies and some nights i struggle with – make paper flowers for wedding or work out for wedding??

  2. Given your intense training regimen you need to mark your calendar – the Pittsburgh Marathon is back – May 3rd.

    Agree with rs27 – we need to hear the hakuna matata songs.

  3. You are going to have to convince me about the appeal of the rowing machine. Well, no, not really. No amount of convincing will get me to do it. It just doesn’t look like fun. The treadmill, now that’s another thing altogether. Good for you!

  4. NSJ: Oh I’m actually on my way to physical therapy next week too (part of my being 97 or something?) and the PT specializes in pilates so I may be giving that a try as well.

    rs27: If I can ever figure out why my HP CAME with a Web cam but no software to run it with, I will consider posting one. Also if I can get my neighbor to sing with me. (DO YOU HEAR THAT RACHEL G?!?!)

    DoD: Hahahahahaha.

    Matt: In all fairness, it was his first class. He was not very good. Thankfully yoga is not a required skill when pulling people out of burning buildings.

    Dingo: Fun? Gym? What?

    Ben: Apparently!! This was news to me too. I kind of thought that I could get away with just “using” my membership to tan on the sundecks….

  5. My theory has always been quite similar: “I don’t run unless someone is chasing me.” What’s the reason?

    Unlike you, however, I’m still holding true to mine, and that, my friend, is why I’m a fatty, ha.

  6. AHHHH gym, it’s either I’m on fire about it, or I’m lazy the next day. I need motivation. In the form of a boyfriend looking like Matt Dallas probably.


  7. Oh man I hate yoga… I just did it for the first time in my life last week. It was a horrible experience and I bitched, complained and whined about it on my blog. Good luck on being a “runner” though

  8. MinD: Well, if it makes you feel better, I didn’t make it to the gym last night, so I’m probably still going to be holding to my “chase” theory.

    andhari: Oooh, if hottie celeb boyfriend would be excellent inspiration–but only b/c when he says “let’s workout” you can say “okay” w/o fear of falling off the treadmill. Thankfully Boo and I are equally un-athletic haha!

    peaceofpi: Haha thanks, I’ll need all the luck I can get!

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