In just 6 short months…

…I will be getting married.

This 6-month mark comes just days after a co-worker walked past our closet, saw my yellow wool coat, pulled it out and asked “Who’s Paddington Bear?!”

That’d be me.  Yeah, I know…24 and getting married.  Yup.  That’s my Paddington coat.  At least I wasn’t wearing my yellow rain boots that day.


Anyway, so like I said: 6 months.  Since I last updated you I’ve actually stayed pretty on the ball.  As far as I’m concerned, all of the big elements are taken care of with the following exceptions:

  • We still need to get the guys sized for suits and then actually purchase said suits.
  • We need to register for gifts!
  • We need to figure out a honeymoon location.
  • We need to figure out where to live.
  • We need to pick out/send invitations (but Mama B’s in charge of that one–saweeeet!)

All in all, that’s not too bad.  I mean, that’s only 4 (well technically 5) things that I need to do.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself this morning.  And then I got my “6 months to go!” e-mail from The Knot.  And I looked at my checklist on the site.

And I have 184 things left to do.


Seriously Knot, why are you making this so difficult? (and this coming from a girl who LOVES her some lists!!)  I mean, I thought I only had 4(ish) things left and here you are adding 180 things to my list?   What could you POSSIBLY want me to do?

  • Book rehearsal dinner site.  Well, since this isn’t something that I’m in charge of, I can cross this right off my list and throw it on to Boo’s.  Done.
  • Start taking better care of yourself (eat right, exercise) so you look and feel great on your wedding day.  Really?  I need a checklist reminder to do this?  Isn’t it my choice if I want to have Bingo wings on my wedding day?
  • Grooms: Attend your bachelor party (and be sure to thank the best man afterwards).  How does this POSSIBLY get it’s own spot on the checklist?  I mean, really, Knot, how?

These are the things that The Knot thinks I need to be reminded of.  These are actual items I need to check off of my list before the big day.  And so I wonder, will I be standing in the church, waiting to walk down the aisle and suddenly stop to think “OMG, did Boo thank his best man after that bachelor party?!” Or “Crap, how does my tan look?  Should I have done trial runs with self-tanners in June like The Knot told me too?  Are the remains of my natural tan just not good enough?!  Stop the wedding–my tan is ALL WRONG!”

Doubtful.  But thanks Knot.  Just in case I feel the need to be psychotically over-prepared, I can be.  Thanks to the 184 remaining items on my checklist.


11 thoughts on “In just 6 short months…

  1. i hate those lists
    and when i look at our list of To-Dos i only see a few, mainly booking vendors.

    but then in the middle of my work day i start remembering all the little details, measure the church aisle & distance between pews, buy swag/ribbon for said aisle, order lavender seed, figure out what to put it in for people to hold, etc. etc.
    and these details aren’t even on those lists. those lists are full of silly stuff like you mentioned… my favorite is always begining facials 4 months before your wedding. um, yah, i don’t think i’ll even have 1!

  2. wow, you certainly have gotten a lot done, and if your mom is going to handle the invitations, she must be pretty nice!

  3. I got that email a few weeks ago. It sent me into a mini panic attack as well. The week that followed included some serious whip cracking on my part. (WE MUST GET WEDDING RINGS NOW! WHERE ARE WE GOING ON OUR HONEYMOON? OMG! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO SUCK!)

  4. NSJ: Oh yeah, I have some little stuff left to do still, like tastings, etc. but it’s nothing that’s HUGE AND MANDATORY! If I never get to taste my cupcakes I know I can trust my parents’ votes of “best chocolate and best vanilla we’ve EVER had.”

    DoD: You don’t remember him? Oh…how bout that–he doesn’t even WEAR a yellow coat. Did that guy mistake Paddington Bear w/the Morton Salt girl?

    M.O.L.: Oh yeah, Mama B is the best!!!

    Mermanda: Hahaha…wait, where are you going on your honeymoon? Any good suggestions? Have we already discussed this–I’m feeling deja vu-y (sooo not a word…sooo don’t care haha!)

    rs27: They actually get the same paper Santa used to use for his lists–you know, before he upgraded and bought an actual book. Or started using Excel.

    LiLu: “refrigerator list”? Is this some tiny condensed list that I’m unaware of?

  5. You’ll survive and it will all happen faster than you can imagine. Somehow it will all get done…even the little surprise things that you almost forgot about. Or be like me, do it all in the last 2 weeks before. 9 days!

  6. hehe. I was thinking that I wished I knew about The Knot when my wedding was being planned…but now I’m not so sure it wouldn’t have turned me into a psycho!!!

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