Wet Dog Syndrome

So, today is 20SB’s blog swap.  What’s that mean for you?  Well it means that Shannon from Love, Shannon is over here today and I’m hanging out in her ‘hood.  So read up and then head over to Shannon’s blog to check out what I have to say.  And while you’re there, check out her old posts–her Memory Monday’s are the perfect dose of nostalgia!

We’ve been kind of slacking in our dog’s personal hygiene area. I used to give them baths at least once a week because they play at daycare a lot and get nice and dirty. But to be completely honest, we’ve been so busy, it’s most definitely been on the bottom of the priority list. Anyhoodle, to the point of this story. We finally gave them baths. Everyone knows, there is not much cuter than a soaking wet dog with the look of misery and hatred on it’s face.
See what I mean? And the worst part about Tokyo’s (the black one’s) bath, is that we ran out of hot water. Yes, I felt like a horrible mother. I was pouring cups of ice cold water on him. I felt bad, of course, but don’t hate me just yet. I was in the tub with him, also enduring the freezing temperatures. And before you start thinking dirty, I was fully clothed. Although I had my pant legs folded up, so I was showing a little skin. I turned the water off and tried to let it warm up again, but the poor thing was shivering, and he was covered in suds. We just had to suck it up and finish the job.
Oh, and just to prove to you that I’m not cruel, and he was completely okay with me afterwords, here’s a good almost 5 minutes of Wet Dog Syndrome in action. You know, when they get done with their baths and run around like maniacs getting everything you own soaking wet? Don’t mind me asking what he’s doing 50 times. It’s just what I do okay?! I’m assuming one day he’ll actually answer me.


7 thoughts on “Wet Dog Syndrome

  1. OMG….my dog used to do the exact same thing – slide all over the carpets. Beige carpets, black dog (just like you). Le sigh.

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