What I got Boo for his birthday

Boo turned 24 yesterday.  Yes, I know, I’m robbing the cradle–but it’s only by like, 4 months, so all of you can just shush!

For Boo’s birthday weekend his brother and his brother’s gf came up to CT to hang with us (sidenote: his brother’s birthday was Saturday.  They’re 4 years and 1 day apart).  We were planning to go to Mystic on Saturday so the boys decided Friday was present night.

Here’s what Boo got:

1 laptop backpack (easier for him when he takes the train in and has his laptop w/him) which was filled with:

  • 4 pairs of Banana Republic boxers
  • 3 pairs of dress socks
  • 1 hat
  • 1 zip-hoodie
  • 3 tees
  • 1 Cole Haan wallet

I also got a matching (but in different colors) hat and tee for his brother.

Then, on Sunday, Boo’s actual birthday, I got him a little something else:

happy birthday?
happy birthday?

In case you can’t read that it says “Please carry 1 male passenger from Milford to New Haven.”

Yeah, normally the train has a good minute or 2 turnaround.  This weekend, not so much, and Boo got stuck on the train when he carried my suitcase on for me.  We ran one car up to the conductor and asked him to open the doors again but he wouldn’t stop the train and so Boo had to ride to Milford with me and then take the train back to New Haven where the car was.  And he had a 42-minute wait b/w trains.

What do I have to say for myself on that one?

Um, I love you Boo, thanks for letting me get you stuck on the train with me on your birthday and not being mad about it, it’ll probably be the last time.


10 thoughts on “What I got Boo for his birthday

  1. what a great fiance… the only thing worse than riding metro north is riding metro north when you’re not even supposed to be there.
    that’s the price of chivalry Boo.

  2. Your toy boy did well on his birthday then, lol! Hehe, I can’t say much, my ex was nearly a year younger than me and the guy I’m kinda seeing right now is a month or two younger as well! :)

  3. Damn you got him a lot of stuff. I hope my boyfriend never reads this or he’ll seriously feel jipped (gipped? jypped? jip-ed? dude, is that even a word? why can’t I spell it?).

  4. Narm: Uh, I know. They have bamboo in them and everything.

    Andy: Yeah, they really do. I can honestly say I won’t miss riding that every weekend.

    M.O.L.: Oh doesn’t it just? It’s amazing he puts up with me haha :P

    NSJ: At least they didn’t make him pay to take the train back to New Haven!

    Paula: I guess we like ’em young ;)

    MinD: Haha it’s totally a word, “gypped” I think. But in all fairness, the employee discount was put to excellent use in the purchasing of said gifts.

    E.P.: I highly recommend the backpack if he travels w/his laptop a lot. Poor kid though–the December birthday’s are the hardest ever!!

  5. Let me say for the record…I cleaned UP!! It is amazing just how good she is to me, and how she even humors my nerdiness with buying me a laptop backpack!

    Also, how could I be mad at that situtation? Have you guys even met her? She’s adorable. Also I thought it was pretty funny. 42 minutes? I totally got Subway….

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