Frists and cankles

Weird conversations happen in my apartment.  I don’t know how or why but Rachel and I end up some of the most bizarre topics.


Monday night we started discussing what we’ve named “frists.”  You know, when the forearm is so fat it blends in with the wrist?  The cankle of the arm, if you will.

We spent a good 5 minutes just trying to come up with a name for this concept.  The whole conversation started with us wondering just what you would call that.  It was one of those “oh, did you ever see anyone with an arm cankle?”  “Yeah totally!  What would you call those?” conversations.

After some deliberation we decided on the term “frist”.  It seemed to make sense, given that the calf/ankle combo got dubbed the cankle.  But at the same time, we thought there had to be a better term.  Something that flowed off the tongue a little better.

Something like….

Or how about….

Yeah, we couldn’t come up with anything.  So there we were.  Sitting on my Ikea couch and chair respectively, pondering the name of a fat roll.

And you people think I’m not exciting.



12 thoughts on “Frists and cankles

  1. um yah, i have to say i’ve never pondered that… i don’t know that i’ve every actually noticed that, except on chubby babies.
    my favorite term is still the batwing… it’s such a bad thing (i know i have it) but it’s such an awesome name, superpower-esque

  2. NSJ: Well that’s the thing, baby frists and cankles are decidedly adorable! Grownup frists and cankles are signs you should probably put down the cheeseburger.

    Matt: That’s why you guys keep me around. Someone’s gotta come up with this stuff.

    MinD: Thank you, thank you.

    Kristen: No, no, no…I refuse to believe you are fat! Plus, pregnancy frists/cankles fall under the category of baby frists/cankles–they are endearing!

  3. Upon further review, the ruling on the blog stands.

    Frist it is.

    And sitting on Ikea furniture is pretty exciting as it is. Discussing the proper name for fat rolls while doing so? That’s at least a one full excitement level increase.

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